5 Blogs To Follow On F.I.R.E. [Idy On Fire]

You want to gain Financial freedom and Retire Early? I know just the right blogs that can help achieve that.

Let me tell you the top 5 FIRE blogs I found super helpful.

Retire By 40

Joe Udo retired from his Computer Engineering career at 38 and has been blogging since 2010. He writes about his FIRE struggles as a stay at home dad and more. He said:

“It’s taken a while for me to learn the art of shameless self-promotion, but I can do it with a straight face now.”

So if you are a computer engineer or a dad in general, you may find his blog quite interesting. Joe has been blogging since 2010.

Mr. Free At 33

This blog, owned by Jason is all about frugality and since retiring from his middle-class job at 33, he writes and coaches others on retiring early.

I Interviewed Jason aka MrFreeAt33 where he talked about the initial stage of his FIRE life, how he went from an account balance of negative 20,000 to retiring 6 years with an investment portfolio of over 100 dividend growth stocks at 33. He opened up about his estranged family and decision to not have kids and the perks of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he migrated to one year ago.

Millennial Revolution

Kristy and Bryce aka Firecracker and Wanderer left their Engineering jobs at 31 and now they blog about why buying a house is a bad idea, how to invest wisely with the free Investment workshop on their blog and how to spend less while traveling the world.

So far they have been to over 30 countries and during my interview with them, they detailed down how much it cost to actually travel the world as opposed to living in one place. Check out my interview with these Firecrackers (link)

Early Retirement Extreme

This website was founded in 2007 by Jacob Fisker, a nuclear astrophysicist and will teach a lot on how to apply the laws of physics and chemistry in explaining your early retirement plan. He gets down to details using formulas.  Fisker also has a book called Early retirement extreme and because his blog was probably one of the first FIRE blogs, he mostly recycles old posts now.

Mr. Money Mustache

He is probably the biggest FIRE cult leader out there. This guy has entire cult members called ‘mustachians’. He retired at 30 after working for 12 years, loves the idea of money and building constructions, so if you fall under any of these categories, you will absolutely love this blog plus there is a very active forum, too to help answer most of your FIRE questions.  

Each of these blogs gives useful contents that will help you with your financial independence journey. Also, they are owned by regular humans like me and you who had it up to here with constantly worrying about the next paycheck. If they can achieve FI, so can you. Go ahead and check them out and leave comments of other relevant blogs you rely on for FIRE struggles.