Kuflink. Asset Backed P2p Loans


Kuflink has a peer-to-peer lending platform, with all loans backed by property. One of the key features is the significantly large skin in the game for their bridging loan offerings. Tarlochan Garcha answered our questions about this investment opportunity.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your role/position in Kuflink ?

I am the Chief Executive Officer for Kuflink.  I have over 17 years of progressively responsible experience working with two global banks managing as many as 3,000 directors in companies with total revenues in excess of £6.2billion. An in depth understanding of domestic and international retail as well as commercial and corporate banking sectors, including wholesale, professionals, manufacturing, property, healthcare, IT and media.

 What does Kuflink do?

 Kuflink Group provides lending opportunities for investors all secured against UK properties. These are usually for terms of between 6 – 24 months.

Interest is paid monthly to the investor on the portal.

In addition, we provide short term bridging finance for brokers offering loans between £30,000 and £1 million. Interest is from 1% per month, subject to underwriting criteria. Turnaround time often 10 days.

Can you describe Kuflink in figures?

Total lent nearly £2million. Number of investments in excess of 1,000.

What are the three main advantages for investors?

  • Fixed interest of up to 7.2% p.a.
  • Secured against UK property
  • Kuflink Bridging put in the first 20% of any loan

    Tarlochan Garcha
    Tarlochan Garcha

What ROI can investors expect?

Between 5 – 7.2% pa. Figures correct at December 2016.

Do investors pay any fees?


What is the average loan term?

Between 6-24 months.

Is Kuflink open to international investors?

 No, we only lend to investors with a UK address.

What are the main risks and how does Kuflink mitigate them?

Kuflink Bridging puts in the first 20% of any loan.

What systems does Kuflink use to rate the creditworthiness of borrowers and the value of collateral?

 We use Equifax and Cifas.

What was the greatest achievement for Kuflink and what was key to this success?

Having launched the peer-to-peer platform in August 2016, we won Business Moneyfacts Award in March 2017 for “Best Product Innovation of the Year” for the 20% Kuflink Bridging contribute to each loan.

 Can you please describe the current market environment from your perspective? 

 We have seen strong demand for alternative finance since the crash in 2008 and more latterly since the Brexit vote on 23 June 2016. We expect this position to continue after triggering of article 50.

Where do you see Kuflink in 3 years?

We expect to see continued growth in both the bridging and lender markets.  With the  continued low interest rate economy expected to be the norm in the future, and potentially banks reigning in lending, we foresee demand in both areas.

Investors are looking for a better return on their money and they can achieve this via peer to peer lending and also spread the risk by lending against different properties.

For more information visit on this investment idea visit: Kuflink

We thank Tarlochan Garcha for the interview.