Malta Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Malta Commerical Real Estate

Malta (Europe) Commerical Real estate Investment Opportunities

Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. In the last decade it has experienced significant growth, and the trend shows that it could become the Singapore or Hong kong of the Mediterranean.

Overview of the island’s treasures

The Maltese economy

  • Malta uses the Euro
  • Malta is a member state of the European Union.
  • The economy is a mix of gaming companies, tourism, manufacturing, property development and financial services.
  • Potentially Malta can benefit from Brexit by attracting more financial services.
  • Unlike the Spanish property sector, the Maltese property market has not experienced a dip in 2008.
  • Read more about The Maltese economy

The opportunity to invest in the Malta’s commercial real estate comes from Soho Real Estate. They are offering investors a share in co-working spaces.

Co-sharing workspaces or office hotels offer office space where companies and entrepreneurs can rent office space on demand. This reduces the fixed costs of business. It is interesting to know how the office culture between different companies working in the same  office space develops. This company has been successfully offering the same services in the UK.

What is co-working?

There are other competing commercial real estate investors in Malta offering the similar services such as Oasis Offices and The Hub Malta.

Investments Characteristics:

  • Starting prices Euros 25,000
  • Estimated Yearly Return 11,25%
  • Easy Exit Plan

This is the product being sold to the final customer:

St Julians the area where this investment is being sold is probably undergoing a major infrastructure upgrade .

Visit the site to make your own decision on this investment: Investment Proposal : Soho Malta