OBSBOT Unveils AI-Powered And Auto-Tracking Phone Mount

Image @OBSBOT, Kickstarter

There is a lot of content creation going around in the current digital world, from article writing to vlogging and podcasting. The truth is, regardless of the kind of content creation you are involved in, having the right tools will make your hustle worthwhile. 

For content creators who make videos, one of the best tools to come around is not just smartphones with the best cameras or affordable camera equipment. A phone mount is actually considered one of the best inventions. 

While there are camera mounts, few of these are safe enough for one to mount their smartphones. Plus, not every content creator can afford expensive camera equipment. And, even if one can afford it, it is not every day you want to sweat through a backpack full of heavy and costly cameras, lens and other equipment just so you can create the best content. With some phones, you easily get high-quality videos for your content. 

All you need is a stable and reliable phone mount that saves you the hassle of holding your phone to shoot videos. OBSBOT Me is Remo Tech’s newest accessory. It is a phone mount, which is AI-powered with an auto-tracking feature that allows you to move freely as you shoot without relocating the phone mount. 

The product is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter with only a few days left to the end of the campaign. So, should you back the project if you are looking to invest in a phone mount? 

If you do consider backing the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a piece or more of the OBSBOT Me, you will receive the item around June 2021, when deliveries are expected to happen.   

In return, you will get a foldable phone mount that is AI-powered and has an auto-tracking function that makes vlogging, streaming, video calling, and taking selfies a little bit easier. Some of the significant features of this phone mount include:

  • Live tracking. 
  • Gesture control – by just raising your hand, the camera on this mount will recognize you and follow whatever direction you need it to go.
  • Allows usage of wide-angle sensing camera. Together with the AI image, you do not need any extra apps or Bluetooth for the mount to finish tracking algorithms.
  • Brushless motor – gives it a faster starting speed and control of its speed. 
  • It can rotate up to 180-degrees so you can shoot at any angle you wish effortlessly. 
  • It is compact and very portable. 
  • It uses a rechargeable battery that runs for about 120 minutes and fast charges in just about 75 minutes. 

The basic package comes with an OBSBOT ME phone mount, tripod, storage case, and a Type-C charging cable. This basic pack costs about $100.00, saving you $50.00 off the retail price. An Extension Combo is about $109.00, which saves you $60.00. Apart from the accessories in the basic pack, this package will also include a camera remote and a selfie ring light. 

While the OBSBOT Me phone mount sounds promising, there are already a few brands in the market with one of the key features that OBSBOT Me is trying to solve- auto-tracking. Trilink, for instance, is available on Amazon at $45.98, which is even cheaper. An even more affordable option is the inDigi auto smart motion tracking phone mount that goes for $39.99.

About the team

OBSBOT is an innovative imaging technology and hardware brand that specializes in artificial intelligence gadgets like cameras. The brand is owned by Remo Tech, a Hong Kong-based company. OBSBOT was founded in 2016 and has gained over 70 patents on its innovations and increased its presence in over 80 countries. The brand has won several awards over the years, including CES ASIA Innovation Awards in 2019, Reddot Design Award in 2019, and iF Design Award in 2019.