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Robo Cash
Robo Cash
Dmitry Balakhnin is the Chief Brand Officer of, a recently established (Feb 2017) P2P lending company. The website is user-friendly and has an integrated auto investor for 100% hands off investing. In this interview, he explains more about the investment product they are offering.

What is Robo.Cash about, which Markets does it serve? began to work in February, 2017 and it is a P2P platform for financing into loans of creditor companies from Russia, Kazakhstan and Spain united by Sergey Sedov, the businessman. Thus, Robocash is a part of international financial group.

Creation of a P2P-platform became a logical step in development of a successful business. The group of companies includes: service of online lending in Spain (, the automated service (, offline FinTerra network in Russia and also united under  brand of online and offline complex in Kazakhstan. There are more than 900 employees and more than 1,200,000 issued loans. The main activity of the creditor companies is PayDay Loans.

Could you tell more about the management team?

The founder of SIA “ROBOCASH” company is Sergey Sedov. He is a graduate of Institute of Economics RAS and also a Candidate of Economic Sciences. In 2010 Sergey Sedov became a co-founder of LLC MFO PROSTODENGI, working under Finterra trademark (offline network, numbering about 180 outlets in Russia). In 2013 Sergey Sedov created LLC MFO Zaymer (service of online loans “Zaymer Robot”, functioning in Russia). In 2015 he became a cofounder of LLP Zaymer (offline network and an online service “Zaymer Robot” in Kazakhstan). In 2016 he created PRESTAMER.ES (Prestamer S.L.), the service of online loans functioning in Spain. In 2016 ROBOCASH investment service was created.

During active work and development of the international group the strong and professional team was formed. Information about the team is presented on the website

Our management team includes Svetlana Evdokushina (Chief Financial Officer), Oksana Gulpa (Chief Accountant), Andrey Rudnev (Chief Information Officer), Polina Yurieva (Head of project management), Valentin Kobzev (Chief Commercial Officer), Igor Kondratenko (Security director), Dmitry Balakhnin (Chief Brand Officer), Artyom Prokopenko (Chief Business Development Officer). These managers provide successful development of the company and give a guarantee of business reputation of the group.

What is that state of peer to peer market regulation in Kazakhstan and Russia?

There is no special regulation of P2P-lending in Russia and Kazakhstan at the moment. P2P-platforms in Russia work as joint-stock companies. The Bank of Russia in the last 2 years actively conducts their surveys and collects statistical data, we expect emergence of special rules for P2P during the next year. Possibly along with it, contracts, which P2P-platforms conclude with borrowers and investors online, will receive the legal status.

All companies in Kazakhstan, which issue loans in Internet aren’t included into jurisdiction of National bank and work as credit associations.

Is Robo.Cash regulated?

Dmitry Balakhnin
Dmitry Balakhnin

As for activity of the company, it is registered in the commercial register of the Republic of Latvia as limited liability company (SIA “ROBOCASH”).

This fact demonstrates that activity of the company is regulated by the Latvian legislation. In turn, such type of economic activity which is conducted by the company (P2P-platform) isn’t regulated from the legal point of view, because there is no relevant act at the moment. But the bill, which will be aimed at regulation of such companies’ activity is already on a stage of development and will be adopted at the end of this year. As soon as it is known about possible conditions of regulation after the introduction of the specified act in force, investors will be informed immediately.

What are the main advantages for lenders / investors on Robo.Cash ?

  • The interest rate on the platform is one of most attractive at European Union P2P market and makes 14% per annum.
  • The guarantee of a buyback is one of the main and major advantages of the platform. It should be noted that 100% guarantee of a buyback on is caused by the fact that the platform invests money only in its own companies. Total assets of the group of companies in 2016 are 13,982 million EUR, net profit have made 3,389 million EUR. In 2017 the volume of assets is planned to be increased to 24-25 million EUR.
  • Full automation of the service provides a possibility of automatic formation of the investment portfolio. It saves time of investors and becomes their advantage in comparison with other investors.
  • Creditor companies of the group specialise in short-term loans (PDL). Thanks to the short term of a loan there is a high funds turnover is provided. Therefore, investors can dispose of their investments more freely.
  • is focused on the high level of service. Now we attentively listen to each inquiry and request to make the platform and its conditions the most convenient and comfortable for investors.

What are the risks to investors and what measures is Robo.Cash  taking to mitigate such risks?

If to speak about, we have not only a created client base in the creditor companies numbering 1,5 million borrowers, but also technologies of an assessment of new borrowers quality. Our unique development is completely automatic scoring complex. Such system has no famous analogs in CIS countries. And in EU and USA there are only units of similar complexes. The robot successfully works 3 years, full automation has reduced the level of defaultness and costs. Thanks to high-quality scoring we can guarantee return of investments with percents and it adds appeal to

What is the minimum investment amount in each loan an investor can make?

The minimum sum for investment into is 10 Euro. But each investor can establish the minimum value in the personal account. For example, someone wants to invest into 1 loan not less, than 50 Euro. For us it’s also important, that it isn’t necessary for investor to buy a loan completely, he can invest into a part of a loan or parts of several loans.

Is your platform open to international investors?

P2P platform is open for any investor who is a citizen of EU country and who has a bank account in one of the countries entering the EU.

What is the structure of the buyback Guarantee?

The company gives a buyback guarantee to the investor, regardless of the borrower has returned money to the creditor company or not. The company undertakes all risks connected with delayed payments and default loans because the platform and the creditor companies are within one property. This is our fundamental difference from many other P2P platforms, which are only intermediaries between creditors and investors and all risks connected with non-returned loans lay down on investors.

What are the default rates on the platform?
What percentage of the defaulted loans are eventually collected? 

If it is about loans which we had to buy, but haven’t done it, then there are no such loans. For 31 days we buy loans which are delayed. If it is about defaultness of loans (how many loans have got to delay in general), then we can’t provide such information to investors.

How are the loans sourced, directly or through third parties?

As it has been already said, presents at the market the group of companies, which includes affiliated creditors. In this connection, loans are granted by us directly, by means of those companies, which are included into holding. platform doesn’t offer investment into loans issued by the third-party companies and services.

What kind of loans are listed on the platform?

At the moment there are PDL loans are presented on the website. Generally, these loans are from Kazakhstan. Unfortunately, loans from Russia are not presented yet because it is connected with features of the Russian regulation of the microfinancial market where the minimum sum of investments must be not less than 25 000 Euros. At the Spanish market of online lending there are still not so high turns, though technical integration is completely ready. As soon as the Spanish service becomes more popular, we will include sale of loans from Spain also.

How are the interest rates set?

Now all investments on are available to 14% in spite of the fact that the runner on the website is made from 7% to 16%. The platform has only begun to work and percentage range for the investor will be presented in long-term outlook. We have intentions to make the maximum interest rate for investments to 16%. As far as we know – we do one of the most profitable offers for investors at the P2P market.

Can investors use an Auto-Invest tool on Robo.Cash ?

Yes, investors can automatically form the investment portfolio. By means of settings, investors can determine the maximum and minimum sum of investment, annual percent, and also the country in which the loan has been taken.

Would you like to add anything not covered in the questions above? is the guaranteed and comfortable (automated) possibility of obtaining the high income for European investors with any level of prosperity.

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We thank Dmitry Balakhnin for the interview.