Top 5 Email Marketing Trends To Grow Your Startup

Different marketing tactics such as email marketing will play a vital role in ensuring your startup becomes a success story. Email is one of the most prevalent means of communication across the globe. It’s sensible enough for startup owners to capitalize on this trend to connect with their target audience and potential customers to gain traction.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies to maximize your startup’s return on investment. With just a click of a button, you can communicate directly with customers, build the startup’s engagement and reach a broad audience.

However, as effective and powerful it is, a wrong approach in your startup’s email marketing campaign can work against your will. Your email content has to be informative and serve the intended target with information that leads to your brand. A lot of advertising may lead them to cancel or spamming you. And yet, not enough, people will forget about your products or services.

Email is here to stay, but how people access it is bound to change as new devices and standards unfold. Your startup’s email marketing strategy has to reflect such changes. Here are some insights on email marketing trends that will give your startup a competitive edge in this technological global village.

Top 5 Email Marketing Trends to Grow Your Startup

1. Hyper-Personalization

Consumers nowadays tend to be savvy and knowledgeable than ever before. No one is interested in the same, identical message every time. Gone are the days where marketers relay the exact generic offers and news to a broad customer segment. Brands should convey the right message to their audiences without breaching their online privacy.

In this technological world, most people use at least one digital device. These devices can help your startup gather helpful information about a customer’s lifestyle, shopping habits, favorite products or services, and online behavior. Emails tailored to meet with your customers’ interests are more likely to be opened than those without relevant information.

And this goes beyond just their first names. For instance, your email marketing messages can incorporate a happy birthday message to your customer on their birthdays. When your targeted audience receives relevant offers or recommendations based on their interest, they will not only feel cared for, but also you will be enhancing relationships with them.

2. Marketing Emails Should Be Accessible To Mobile Devices

Email browsing, blog reading have continued to shift away from desktop browsers in favor of mobile devices. Latest statistics on Google indicate that more than ¾ of its Gmail users access their emails through their smartphones.

Everything your startup puts on the web, marketing emails included, should work on mobile phones. Heavy-image emails with long text blocks are usually challenging and complex to view on smartphones, unlike on desktops. Creating Email marketing campaigns that adjust seamlessly to all screen sizes will escalate accessibility and user experience.

Check out these other tips to improve accessibility on customer’s mobile devices:

  • Legible fonts and font size.
  • Background color, the right color combinations on your marketing campaigns will increase conversions.
  • Ensure your emails load quickly on mobile phones.

3. Kinetic And Interactive Emails

Kinetic emails look and operate like their own miniature web experience. This means that you can add an extra layer of interactivity to marketing emails that the target audience will find user-friendly and fast.

Interactive emails will enable your target audience to take relevant actions that will benefit your startup as you desire. Reviews, countdown timers, polls, and games are simple ways to add interactivity to your marketing emails.

4. Use GIFs And Emojis

Including relevant emojis in your email subject lines will likely increase the targeted audience’s chances of opening it.

GIF files in your marketing emails can add a captivating and eye-catching component that conceals text-based or pictures in conveying messages. Create a GIF that shows a brief product demo of your startup’s product or services. This may save you the tussle of long texts and many images that clients will have no time to scroll through. Keep the GIF size not more than 2MBs. Large-size emails can bog your email down, making it load much more slowly.

However, overusing GIFs is somewhat annoying and improper. Most customers will tire of them and will less likely take part in your campaign.

5. Include User-Generated Content Into Emails

User-Generated Content (UGC) has been around for a while in most social networks such as Youtube and Instagram. It’s no brainer that it has proved to be one of the most coherent ways for brands to get more organic traffic, increase conversions and build trust with customers. Good enough, this bandwagon applies to your email marketing strategy.

Word of mouth has always been a top advertising strategy. And technology just made it easy to spread it around your target audience. People tend to trust a service or product more if they see positive consumer feedback from different people. UGC serves as endorsements by satisfied customers, motivating potential clients to engage with your startup. Include customer reviews and photos of your clients using your products in your Emails.

Your startup can create an entire campaign based on UGC only. UGC doesn’t need Artificial Intelligence or personal data collection, as in hyper-personalization, to work.

Email marketing is here to stay. It’s an elite strategy to ensure your startup secures a solid eminence in the ever-dynamic e-commerce world. Stay up to date with these top 5 Email marketing trends to grow your startup.