5 Personal Finance Apps Free At Your Disposal

Who doesn’t like a good free app? Anything that gets you closer to saving more every month by helping you reduce how much you spend it’s great, as long as it brings joy and happiness into your life. Here are personal finance apps free at your disposal that you should consider using this year.


Mint is an all-rounded app that helps you keep track of every aspect of your personal finances. With this app, you can manage your budget, investments, borrowing, and track your bills.

The app also helps you know your credit score, provides a detailed report, and daily monitors for your credit. It also offers insights on how to improve your credit score.

You can easily track all your bills like utilities, rent, and credit cards. It ensures the management of all your bills is centralized with reminders and alerts. With this, you will not miss any deadlines and it will help you reduce penalties and notify you in case of any abnormal transactions.

The investment and portfolio tracking aspect of the app ensures you are always hands-on with your investments. If there are any hidden fees on your investments, like broking fees, the app will identify them.

Mint app is available on iOS, Android, and Web platforms.

Personal Capital

Part of personal finance management involves managing your investments and planning for retirement. Personal Capital is the app you need for this kind of personal finance planning.

The investment tool lets you consolidate all your investments in one place, and offers insights on their performance. You also get advice on how to improve the performance of your investment. It provides a comparison for your current portfolio against an ideal target to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Planning your retirement gets more straightforward, where you can use hypothetical scenarios to project your future financial status. With this, you can access the financial position during retirement based on your current financial situation.

Improving your financial position needs more than dedication but also an understanding of your current net worth. Personal Capital will help you with this by linking all your accounts, keeping you informed of all the financial decisions you take.

You can get the Personal Capital app on either iOS or Android, or you can sign up online and start managing your investments.


The Plum app helps you make more money. Once you link it to your bank account, the app will analyze your spending habits. After programming it, it will begin deducting money automatically from your account for savings and investing, which can earn you interest. The app also offers some saving challenges like the Rainy Day Saver and the 52 Week Challenge for savings based on your behavior.

Plum also helps in tracking and lowering your bills. It will analyze your expenses, confirm whether there is an overcharge, and offer you a cheaper alternative.

You can get the app for iOS and Android.

Cashback World

Forget the traditional coupons we grew seeing our parents use. Cashback and rewards apps are the new digital coupons of our time, helping you get discounts on purchases and earn some cashback and save money.

Cashback World is available in many countries across the globe, making it possible for you to enjoy its benefits even when traveling. Maybe you need to grab some quick meals, some DIY stuff, books, clothes, or buy a flight ticket.

The app makes it easy for you to find Cashback merchants, so you always have these benefits at your disposal.

The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.


If you love shopping, Klarna could be the app for you. Shop from retailers like Amazon, Adidas, Nordstrom, and H&M, among others; and enjoy the best deals. All you have to do is provide your credit card details. If you choose to pay in installments, there will be automated deductions of the money from your card on the due date. Such a system ensures you never miss a payment. You can also pay for the product after 30-days, making it easy to enjoy your purchase while waiting for payday.

The app also offers alerts on price drops, so you’re always aware when your favorite items are on sale. You can also apply for consumer financing, which lets you spread your payments across 6 to 36 months with some merchants. However, there is an interest fee for this option.

Klarna is available on Android and iOS.

Managing finances is not a favorite activity for everyone. If you need help with the numbers, there are many apps available to help you. Some are free, while others will cost you some money. With these 5 personal finance free app you can save money, create budgets, track bills, manage your investment and retirement plans, and so much more.