14 Facts About The Cryptocurrency Crown

In an interview with Jan Brody, project co-founder, I discovered how Crown is evolving into a commercially proved blockchain which creates value. In this interview, we talked about 14 facts which are moving Crown to the next stage.

Crown is a cryptocurrency launched in 2014 as a fork of Bitcoin with a masternode security layer inspired by Dash. It has since grown into its own technology platform with innovations not to be found in any other cryptocurrency.

The strategic vision behind Crown is pushed by several dev team members proud to have worked in businesses for more than 20 years and have a focus on real world challenges and solutions.

1. Crown is being integrated with the business model of Ouibring.com

OuiBring.com is Uber for travellers, who bring goods to shoppers worldwide using their spare luggage space and taking advantage of 1 billion flights a year. Crown will support OuiBring by creating their own token on which this exchange can be based. On the 20th June, a minority stake in OuiBring was acquired by a Prague based incubator Busyman using the Crown commodity.

2. Crown Atomic

Crown Atomic is a suite of new features which will allow developers to build trustless transaction systems and shared trustless application platforms on the Crown infrastructure. See more here: http://crown.tech/media/papers/CRW8.0-Atomic.pdf

3. Crown will have three types of nodes. Service Nodes, Specialised node and Chronos Nodes

Service Tron nodes; These are Traditional Tron nodes which will process transactions.

Specialised Tron nodes; Will enable decentralised applications to be run on them.

Chronos nodes; These nodes will serve as the time keepers of the network.

4. Tron Services open via API

The Crown team believe that innovation is a product of encouraging experimentation and easy access to the right tools. In much the same way that the Raspberry Pi project was intended to incentivize children to experiment and learn about computer science, the Crown application API will be freely available and designed with simplicity in mind to encourage people to make their ideas come to life on the Crown blockchain.

5. The Crown blockchain can issue tokens

Similar to ERC30 tokens, the Crown blockchain will be enabled to create and manage the transfer of these tokens from one Crown token to another.

6. The development team is expanding

The Crown team was recently strengthened by the following members:

Syntaks – Lead developer of Neos coin

Ilabra – Technology Consultant based in Stuttgart, doing consulting jobs for top 500 German corporations

Community architects
Josh Wilcox (fin) – community architect focusing on the Crown wiki
Snoops – community ambassador responsible for the Crown Reddit

Every three months the development team meets personally to drive forward the strategy of Crown. Previous meetings were held in London and Prague. The next one is in Toronto on August 17 to 19.

7, Crown focuses on development rather than marketing

Crown has had a consistent focus on building their blockchain as a commercial utility. The team has stayed away from the current atmosphere of smoke and mirrors that the ICOs have developed.

8. Instant X and anonymous functionality is being suppressed.

Anonymous transactions are not regulatory friendly, they enable fraud and crime. Crown believes that Governments should be enabled to participate in further business and blockchain development. Removing Darksend from Crown coin will aide in the objective of widespread legal compliance. Crown has also hired a high profile law firm which is planning to help the team to comply with all the US and EU regulations so Trons will continue to be a legally safe instrument to build a next generation business.

9. Website is being redesigned

Crown.Tech is currently being redesigned in a more mature way. We have had feedbacks from our community that the website looks like a game, it needs to grow up in terms of the UX, it will have less texts and will be more user-friendly.

10. Crown will work without miners.

The Crown team are united in the belief that proof of work consensus models are a waste of finite natural resources and that the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency cannot depend on the use of millions of dollars of electricity every day. This is the main reason that Crown currently uses merge mining to piggyback and make use of already expended resources on the Bitcoin network.

Crown has developed a new consensus model that will eventually replace PoW. Crown Atomic paves the way for this new consensus model which will subject to academic rigour during the course of 2018.

11. Crown has a new paper Wallet Generator


12. Crown Pay is available on Android


13. Crown is a masternode coin

A masternode is a decentralised system of governance and also a way to generate passive income. You can read more on masternodes here: https://investitin.com/masternode/. In Crown masternodes are called Trons. See also: Crown Income Predictor

14. Crown Community

The crown community is active and vibrant! Find them on Twitter, Facebook and Slack / Mattermost. The community is what drives the development and volume of a cryptocurrency project.

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