BlockFeed.Today, Your All-In-One Crypto News Site

Introducing BlockFeed.Today, the newest addition to the crypto community. BlockFeed.Today is supported by one of the biggest crypto news sites in the business, CryptoCoin.News. Its mission: provide a single place for all the news related to the crypto market.

The News Aggregator for Crypto

The world is going at a faster phase, and we don’t have hours to spend on reading news in order to stay up to date. BlockFeed.Today is your one-stop for crypto news, updated at all times, similar to a personal newspaper but for crypto and blockchain related news.

What BlockFeed.Today Offers

Collecting stories from all the relevant news sites such as, Bitcoinist, CCN, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CryptoCoin.News, Cryptopolitan and NewsBTC, readers won’t have to go through many different sites in order to read the stories anymore. With BlockFeed.Today, readers will only have to go to one site and read the preview of the stories, determining right there if they’re interesting or not, allowing easy access to the full story by simply clicking on it.

Save time and effort, and stay up to date in the crypto world with BlockFeed.Today!