Alchemy Byte: A Crypto Fund And A Crypto Project Incubator.

Interview with Malcolm Cauchi, member of the Investment Advisory Committee at Alchemy Byte.

Can you introduce yourself and explain your position in the Alchemy Byte?

I am Malcolm Cauchi and I will be part of the investment committee overlooking the functions and investments of the Master Trust. Since our coin is mostly asset backed by other cryptocurrencies, we will be constantly monitoring and managing the trust.

What are the objectives of Alchemy Byte?

AlchemyByte is essentially an alloy or mixture of other coins, tokens and crypto related assets (hence the name “Alchemy”). AlchemyByte is trying to solve the problem of owning too many wallets, private keys and passwords. Moreover, when one holds coins, they might not be maximising the potential, such as staking. The token is asset backed mainly by other cryptocurrencies. This means that our investors do not need to research and try to spend countless hours researching on which coin to buy. We perform in-depth research and our objective is to pick out the long term winners – picking out the next ‘ebays, amazons and googles’ of the blockchain industry. We strive to deliver long term value. Moreover, our Alchemy Smart Lab project is already in motion and we intend to eventually have our own in house product to offer.

What is the competitive edge of Alchemy Byte amd who are the target investors you are willing to attract to the project?

I would say that whoever wants to invest in the cryptocurrency space and does not have enough time nor resources to allocate to it. We are also targeting the more cautious and long term investor as to maximize the return on investment. Alchemybyte’s strength lies in the team. The team has extensive knowledge of the financial industry, including brokerage and funds.

I personally have been in the industry since 2013 and have followed the market ever since. I firmly believe that the blockchain is a major disruptor to traditional businesses and we are still scratching the tip of the iceberg. A whole new ecosystem is being built here, an upgrade to the infrastructure of the internet, a decentralized one. Given that the whole cryptocurrency market is valued at 205 billion USD (At time of writing), this market cap equates to a single decent Nasdaq listed company. We see a lot of potential for growth within the next few years.

Who is the team behind Alchemy Byte?

The team is made up of 8 people. We all have distinct functions and expertise which are suitable for the product we are offering. You can see more here on

How many fund managers will be taking care of the fund?

There will be 3 people. This number may increase with time.

What are the entry, exit and maintenance fees and any other fees levied on the fund? (Please clarify if they are yearly or a one time charge at ICO stage).

There are no entry nor exit fees. However, we will charge a 1% Annual Management fee to cater for the auditing, legal and other fees pertaining to the master trust.

On what basis will the fund managers choose coins to be added to the fund?

We will diversify and typically hold a basket of the top 20 cryptos by market capitalization, whilst also investing portions into smaller, promising coins and interesting ICO participations.

Are ICO participants investors, contributors or donators?


Who can invest in Alchemy Byte?

Anyone can invest except for US, Chinese, Singaporean and sanctioned country citizens.

Does the Alchemy Smart lab have a physical location?

Not as of yet. We will establish a physical office, possibly in Europe once we have gathered funding and invest in the business.

What are the benefits of submitting ideas to the Alchemy Smart lab?

We are constantly looking for the next big idea, either to develop it ourselves or to invest in.

What projects have been or are being developed at the Alchemy Smart lab?

Please see this page in which you can see all the current projects;

Would you like to add further information?

We look forward to launching our ICO and in delivering growth and long-term value to our investors. The alchemy smart lab project is also a very exciting adventure which we are very much looking forward to and contribute directly to the growth of this exciting new technology, the blockchain.

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We thank Malcolm Cauchi for the interview.