The Importance Of Video Marketing For ICOs

Let’s start with a simple question. What do you think your clients prefer to do: read a book or watch the movie?

Content creation is the king tool to attract traffic to a website. But what still seems to be unclear is that the king already has a queen: the video.

The relationship between content and video has been forged little by little where it is more than obvious that the generation of content is increasingly maintaining a close relationship with video and this relationship is so popular for users that audiovisual material already accounts for 78% of the content that users consume weekly. This is something that ICOs cannot ignore.

Most of the successful projects that have been funded via ICOs have explanatory videos where they highlight the value proposition of their project, show interviews with their members and detail ways of using the platform and tokenomics. These descriptions are framed in a one-minute video like an ‘elevator pitch’, although videos of longer duration can also be made for users who want to delve into specific topics of the project.

Video marketing advantages:

Easy to consume: watching a video does not require as much effort by the user, just a simple click and play. Video content is more entertaining than reading text and attracts the user’s attention for much longer.

Easy distribution: currently there are easily accessible channels such as Youtube, Vimeo and social networks with millions of connected users. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, behind Google, and receives 4 billion daily visits with videos being the most shared content on social networks.

Easy Indexing: Google indexes the top videos in the user searches and many website platforms and social networks allow easy indexing of a video with a simple copy-paste of the link from the platform where the video is published.

Can be shared: videos are more likely to be shared than any other content and more now because of easy indexing.

Increase the conversion ratio: video helps in the investment decision because audiovisual content makes the product more attractive and helps the viewer to understand it better.

Contribute to SEO: videos that capture user attention, and are consequently shared, increase time spent on the website benefiting the positioning in the search engines and increasing traffic to the web.

The effectiveness is measurable: analytics tools for videos facilitate the statistics of the success of video marketing campaigns to measure the ROI of these campaigns.

Recommendations for the video marketing of an ICO

Intro video: should not be too long, between one and two minutes is sufficient. The introductory video should be able to be adapted to any language, where the ideal is to show a set of easily understood images with a narration in the desired language and access to subtitles.

How it works video: an explanatory video of the platform or the business model, with a length between two to three minutes. This video will have a greater explanatory content for users who want detailed information.

A video with the team: show team members talking about the project in their workstations, discussing work that has been done, the solutions that the project proposes and expectations for the future.

Interviews: it is important that the members of the teams are interviewed to answer and clarify doubts that investors may have and offer direct communication channels with which users can interact with team members.  

And if you want to check more video marketing statistics, you can read here some studies carried out in 2018 by several companies recognized worldwide.