Revel Secures $123 Million In Funding To Expand Car Subscription Service

Revel, a car subscription startup from Spain, recently announced that it has raised €115 million ($123 million) in funding. The company operates a digital car subscription service, offering consumers a flexible lease agreement that includes insurance and maintenance. The funding, which consists of both debt and equity, will be used to expand Revel’s car network and further develop its business. Investors in this funding round include KKR, Santander Consumer Finance, and other undisclosed parties.

Funding Breakdown

The total funding amount for Revel is $123 million. Of this, €100 million is structured financing dedicated to building out the company’s car network, while €15 million is equity invested in the business itself.

Startup Landscape in the Car Leasing Market

The market for car sales has faced challenges in recent years as consumers have been presented with a wide range of alternatives, such as ride-hailing apps and multimodal transportation options. Within this landscape, car leasing startups have emerged, utilizing technology-driven solutions to offer flexible ownership and leasing arrangements. While some startups in this space have struggled to match customer demand with capital-intensive vehicle procurement, others have found success by offering unique value propositions and adapting to market needs.

Revel’s Approach to Car Subscriptions

Revel, founded in 2020, has taken a strategic approach to car subscriptions. The company conducted extensive testing and experimentation with different business models before finalizing its product. The key features of Revel’s subscription service include a digital platform, flexible lease agreements, insurance and maintenance included in the fee, and the ability to swap cars from a range of options. The service is accessible online or through a mobile app, and orders can be completed quickly and effortlessly. Compared to traditional leasing providers, Revel’s subscription service offers a more convenient and flexible experience.

Market Analysis: Leasing vs Car Sales

The car sales market has experienced volatility due to economic conditions and the emergence of alternative transportation options. In contrast, the leasing market has been growing rapidly, driven in part by startups that offer innovative solutions. Car subscriptions have become increasingly appealing to consumers who desire the benefits of having their own vehicles but may not want to commit to purchasing one outright. As cars become more advanced and autonomous vehicles become more prevalent, leasing may become the primary method for individuals to access state-of-the-art cars.

Revel’s Success in the Spanish Market

Revel has achieved success in the Spanish market, where its car subscription service has been well-received. The company found that consumers in Spain are particularly interested in shorter lease durations, between one to two years, which offer economic appeal compared to short-term rentals or longer-term leases. The Spanish market provides an ideal environment for Revel to test and refine its subscription service, allowing the company to gather valuable insights and tailor their offering to the unique needs of consumers in the region.

Key Features of Revel’s Subscription Service

Revel’s subscription service offers several key features that set it apart from traditional leasing providers. Firstly, the service includes monthly instalments that encompass insurance, maintenance, and carbon offsetting. The entire process, from ordering to delivery, can be completed quickly and conveniently online or through the mobile app. Additionally, Revel allows subscribers to customize their options and swap cars from a range of models. The service provides greater flexibility and ease of use compared to traditional leasing providers.

Competitive Advantage and Business Model

Revel possesses a competitive advantage in the car subscription market due to its unique selling points and strategic leasing arrangements. While the company does not purchase the vehicles it offers, it maintains confidentiality regarding its vehicle sourcing and leasing arrangements to protect its business practices from competitors. Revel’s structured financing of €100 million indicates a leasing arrangement between the company and its suppliers. Moreover, Revel has built strong relationships with its suppliers to ensure a consistent vehicle sourcing process.

Future Opportunities for Car Subscriptions

The success of Revel and other car subscription startups indicates a growing trend in the automotive industry. As autonomous vehicles and advanced car technologies become more prevalent, the cost of owning such vehicles may be prohibitive for many individuals. Car subscriptions provide an alternative solution, allowing consumers to access state-of-the-art cars without the burdensome cost of ownership. The future of car subscriptions holds potential for further growth and innovation in the automotive market.

Expansion and Scaling Plans

Revel’s recent funding will be instrumental in its expansion and scaling plans. The company aims to utilize the funding to scale its operations and expand its car network. Additionally, Revel plans to explore geographical expansion opportunities and establish partnerships and collaborations to enhance its service offerings. By leveraging its funding and strategic initiatives, Revel seeks to make a notable impact on the car subscription market.

Revel Raises $123M in Funding to Expand Car Subscription Service


Overview of Revel

Revel, the car subscription startup based in Spain, has recently secured €115 million ($123 million) in funding. The company offers a digital car subscription service that provides consumers with a flexible lease agreement, including insurance and maintenance. With this recent funding, Revel aims to expand its car network and further develop its business.

Comparison to New York-based Startup, Revel

It is important to note that Revel, the Spanish car subscription startup, is distinct from another transportation startup based in New York that shares the same name. Despite the similarity in names, these two companies are separate entities operating in different locations.

Company Co-founders and Leadership Team

Revel was co-founded by CEO Enrique de Mateo and Daniel Marcos. Together, they have led the company in developing its innovative car subscription service. The leadership team at Revel brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the automotive industry and is committed to driving the company’s growth and success.

Previous Funding and Testing Phase

Before the recent funding round, Revel raised an initial sum of €750,000 to conduct testing and experimentation with various business models. These initiatives allowed Revel to fine-tune its car subscription service and gather valuable insights into consumer preferences and market trends.

Positive Findings and Market Fit

Through extensive testing and analysis, Revel discovered that consumers are receptive to the idea of car leasing. In particular, the market in Spain showed a preference for shorter lease durations, such as one year, which offered both economic appeal and flexibility. Revel’s ability to identify and cater to these specific market needs positions the company for success in the car subscription industry.