Combicoin An Index Coin Of The Top 30 Coins By Market Cap.

Important Update: 15/11/2017

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Combicoin is an ERC20 token which is managed by Triaconta. This coin will be backed by the highest 30 cryptocurrencies according to their market cap. Each of the top 30 will represent 3.33% of the Combicoin’s value.

Please see the first interview with Triaconta / Combicoin

This is the second update; an Interview with Don Molenaar co-founder of Triaconta and CombiCoin

Triaconta has achieved an important milestone in the last few days. What was the key to this success?

Unlike other ICO’s we did not start promoting CombiCoin months before launch. So we didn’t had a community when we started our ICO. But during these past 5 weeks we saw an very active community come to live. They helped us promote CombiCoin and convinced other people to join. So a big thank you for the CombiCoin community, without your help we wouldn’t be here now.

How do the two co-founders divide the management of Tria?

As in every company there needs to be someone in charge. In our case Guust Hilte will be the managing director. I will be the second in command. Guust will mostly focus on the software development and I will continuously try to get more investors for CombiCoin. Even without an ICO CombiCoin is a very interesting option for investors that want to start in Crypto.

What are your three main areas of focus now that the soft cap has been reached?
1. Bring this ICO to successful end.
2. Acquire the cryptocurrencies that will form the index. Meaning that we start to buy the assets backing CombiCoin.
3. Focus on the development of our automated exchange software.

Does Combicoin charge any fees to maintain the index?

Don Molenaar

No we do not charge anything for maintaining the index. With CombiCoin there are no entry, exit or management fees.

What is the advantage of an index without fees over an index which charges fees?
Lower costs mean more profit for our investors. We will always do what is best for our investors, not for ourselves since we do not make any money on CombiCoin itself. Triaconta has an advanced bot which will make sure that the value of Combicoin will be maintained on the markets.

The bot will buy any trades which are below market price in order to make a profit, this is how Triaconta will sustain itself and deliver a world class index of the top 30 coins.

How will coins staked, forks, and Neo gas be processed?
All these proceeds will be used to buy more top 30 assets for the backing of the CombiCoin. Meaning that CombiCoin will grow in value! This have a compounding effect on the fund, as more coins are bought the staking rewards will be larger.

Will each addresses of top top 30 asset be made public?
We believe that transparency for an operation like ours is key. Therefor we will have a complete list of assets that we hold on our website. All wallet addresses will be made public as well.

When will the ICO end?
The ICO for Combicoin will end on 01/10/2017.

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We thank Don Molenaar for the interview.