Litra: Medical Records On The Blockchain


Interview with Mu Amos founder of Litra, a project which will store medical records on the blockchain.

What challenge is Litra addressing?

The challenge patients face in obtaining their own health records is as infuriating as it frustrating, with Litra blockchain our goal is to use technology to make health information more accessible—for patients and their care providers by making it free. Litra coin is based on Litecoin blockchain, thats why we are a coin not a token.

What is the scale of this challenge?

On scale from 1-10? it’s 9, but we are confident that we understand and can manage the impacts of scaling the technology,

How does Litra turn this challenge into an opportunity?

As we succeed in integrating system strongs and improving interoperability, we will have the ability to aggregate huge amounts of health data for entire populations of patients. This “big data” can be used to conduct population health research, which can help identify patterns such as risk factors for diseases. With this, physicians will be better able to recommend preventative measures and evidence-based best practices. This information can also be harnessed to change practice patterns and hopefully, to affect positive healthcare outcomes on a broader scale.

Can you showcase some team members/advisors which have a strong background? What is their connection with this particular project?

We’re a company of passionate, tech-savvy individuals who have a strong desire to create


fantastic tools to make patients and physicians’ lives easier. We’ve spent years working in busy physician practices and have designed our web-based electronic health record (EHR) system strongs from the physician’s perspective. Each one of us on the team has spent hours shadowing in a physician practice to understand how the medical record is used throughout the practice and within the exam room.We are developing Litra blockchain EHR to be

#We are developing Litra blockchain EHR to be intuitive, easy to use solution that helps patients and physicians quickly find, digest and act upon relevant clinical information to care for the patients.
Rober our EHR head of deployment spent 5 years working in Europe hospitals, I met him while we were deploying Specialty Hospital EHR system.

Sergey was one of the first pioneers in bitcoin world to open BitcoinCreditOne, it was the first of its kind to offer secured bitcoin loans, then he started offering free work to Children hospital as they were upgrading their own EHR/EMR and spent 2 and half years with them.
As I mentioned earlier I worked on Specialty Hospital EHR, before that I worked with the KH Cancer Foundation to upgrade their old EHR system to Cloud based EHR/EMR.

Does Litra have any strategic partnerships?

Yes, but due to privacy and HIPAA regularity, we will not share them at this time.

(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)

Does Litra have a viable product at this time?

Of course, Litra already has its MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and we are expecting to launch it by December this year.

What is the status or this product? (Alpha Beta or production)

Our pilot product is ready now, and we are on track to launch by December.

How many users are actively using this product?

We estimate our Beta sign up will attract 5-7 million users, and 20 million by end of first year, by offering free electronic health records, and give away 1 Litra per account.

What is the structure of the ICO? (Bonuses, Dates, Market Cap)

Mu Amos Founder of Litra

The Litra ICO will take place between August 30th 17-00UTC and Septstrongber 30th 17-00UTC, with its goal of selling 30% from total created coins.

Yes we are offering 25% Bonus for early investors on our pre-sale, each Litra is valued as 1 USD.

What are the requirements to participate in the ICO?

Thera is no minimum or requirstrongents to join, we encourage everyone to join for an investment they would be proud of.

What are the pros and cons for the token holders?

Litra is unique by its approach, and the mass adoption of Litra coin will fill a gap in the market, besides being able to use the coin on our system strongs, we expect mainstream adopting adding more value than any other coin could achieve.

Was there a pre-ico?

Yes, we are having pre-ico started on August 14, and it will end on August 28.

What is the price of the pre-ico and the price of the ico?

The price is the same Litra is value as 1 USD, the difference is the bonus we are offering 25% bonus during pre-ico.

How many tokens will be issued?

99,999,999, and we are selling 29,999,997 during pre-ico and ICO.

The team is keeping 10% for the team, which we will hold for one year.

Is there a cap on the ICO?


Would you like to add any further info?

I just want to encourage everyone to join us, this is one of few investment opportunities to make a real change and effect on people lives for better, and for sure the investment returns will be one of the best, as Litra will be the ” utility” for the $5.5 trillion healthcare market.

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