Quwiex Helps Investors Generate Passive Income With A Basket Of Trading Options

Quwiex is an application that helps investors take advantage of the crypto market by harnessing a network of analysts from around the globe. It offers a basket of trading options, ranging from basket trading to pair trading and volatility trading. 

Aided by the latest technology, the comprehensive solutions from Quwiex aim to give average investors the time to focus on what they are best at, while financial experts manage their assets. 

Complex trading, now for all

The opportunities in crypto investment and trading may be boundless. However, very few actually benefit from it. Is the market to blame? Not when you know what you are doing. 

Lack of knowledge and experience can prove fatal in trading. The case is the same when it comes to the crypto market. Who has the time, though! After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is stare at the screen, watching every movement of the graphs. You would rather put your money in real estate or FD, while passively listening to stories of people who keep raking in profits. 

Quwiex believes that trading opportunities should be technically feasible for all. They embarked on the mission to democratize crypto trading in 2020 with a registered company. But the foundations of Quwiex were laid in 2014 when the team came together to help institutional investors step up their strategies. Today, Quwiex offers financial and allied solutions to investors (both individual and institutional) from around the globe under the helm of George Bennet, a seasoned crypto investor and entrepreneur. 

“Many with whom we used to work side by side at one point did not see the potential of the crypto market and decided that this was a temporary phenomenon, never thinking an inability to see trends played a cruel joke on them. Stay flexible. Don’t be afraid of something new. Trust financial professionals and tools,” he points out.