Fueling innovation in Washington's life sciences sector, 20 early-stage startups receive $25K grants. Support for advancements in medications, medical devices, and diagnostic testing. Learn more about the recipients and their contributions to the industry.
Arctic Wolf enhances its cybersecurity platform with the acquisition of Revelstoke, enabling faster and more efficient detection and response to cyber attacks. Learn more about this strategic move in the cybersecurity industry.
Discover Shadow PC Essential, a Windows-based cloud PC solution for just $9.99/month. Accessible from any device, it's perfect for companies in need of a unified work environment. With its affordable pricing, powerful specs, and compatibility with productivity apps, Shadow PC Essential is a cost-effective choice compared to competitors like Windows 365. Experience seamless access, fleet management features, and recent updates for an enhanced cloud computing experience.
Edinburgh selected as host for next-gen supercomputer, accelerating AI safety research & clean energy development. Boosting UK's computing capacity.
Discover the shutdown of consumer payments startup Braid after 4 years of operation. Founder Amanda Peyton reflects on the challenges faced and emphasizes the importance of sharing her story. Despite the closure, Peyton remains optimistic about future opportunities in the fintech industry.
California passes law mandating VC firms to disclose diversity information. Aims to address funding disparities and promote opportunities for women and minorities. Effective from March 1, 2025.
Meta Quest 3 brings mainstream AR/VR a step closer with its affordable price, improved resolution, and compatibility with previous content. Get ready for a groundbreaking device in the world of mixed reality.
Revolutionize vehicle repairs with Sensigo, an AI-powered startup launched by Porsche and UP.Partners. Streamline the repair process, reduce costs, and enhance the overall customer experience.
Embark on a journey of self-reflection and human connection with Every, an AI-powered app by Hungryroot founder Ben McKean. Discover more about yourself, connect with others, and foster meaningful relationships in an increasingly disconnected world.
Alaska Airlines partners with UP.Labs to revolutionize aviation startups. Collaborative effort aims to address challenges in the industry and establish independent startups to bring about innovation. Find out more about this exciting partnership.
Lemurian Labs: Building a New Compute Paradigm to Reduce Cost of Running AI Models. Learn about their innovative approach, chip development, and plans to release software stack next year.
Indian fintech unicorn Slice merges with North East Small Finance Bank, revolutionizing India's fintech landscape. This merger will enhance product offerings and serve more consumers who lack basic banking services. A digital-first banking revolution is underway in India.
No plea deal offered to SBF, lawyers confirm. Delve into the start of the trial, jury selection process, SBF's appearance, and length of trial.
Discover the new AI-powered features of Arc Max, an innovative browsing experience that combines OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and Anthropic's models. From conversing with ChatGPT to customized commands, enjoy convenience and productivity effortlessly.
Visa invests $100M in generative AI ventures to reshape the future of payments. Discover the potential of generative AI in finance and commerce. Visa's history with AI and focus on cryptocurrency. Explore the applications of generative AI and Visa's role in driving innovation. What Visa's investment means for the future of payments and the intersection of AI and payments.
Discover the groundbreaking partnership between Elon Musk's X and Paris Hilton for a livestream shopping event. Watch, chat, and shop all in one place with X's exciting new features. Get ready to revolutionize your shopping experience!
Experience the future of fashion with the Humane Ai Pin at Paris Fashion Week. This sleek accessory from Humane is set to revolutionize personal tech. Get a glimpse of this groundbreaking device through captivating pictures and videos from the showcase. The Ai Pin is poised to steal the show and redefine how we interact with technology.
Generative AI companies are facing lawsuits for copyright infringement as artists demand fair compensation. Lawsuits have been filed against Stability AI, MidJourney, and Microsoft. Companies like Adobe and Getty Images have promised profit-sharing initiatives, but details are unclear. Generative AI companies struggle to convince artists to participate in model training due to vague promises of future riches. Fair compensation and transparency are needed to bridge the gap between artists and the generative AI industry.
BeReal disputes report of declining users, claiming 25 million daily users. Despite competition, BeReal aims to attract a larger user base with new features.
Discover, plan, and share your trips with Pilot, the all-in-one social trip-planning platform powered by AI. Revolutionizing the way people plan and share their trips, Pilot connects people through travel.
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