PhonePe, backed by Walmart, enters the stock broking segment with its new app, Share.Market. Offering trading accounts and investment options, PhonePe aims to revolutionize the industry and compete with Zerodha, Paytm, Groww, and Upstox. Exciting times ahead for PhonePe's venture!
Discover how Viome, a microbiome startup, secured $86.5M in Series C funding. Learn how their AI technology and RNA sequencing enables personalized health solutions and their partnership with CVS. Find out how Viome plans to expand and revolutionize the field of microbiome research.
Discover Zoom's new AI Companion for an enhanced user experience! Powered by Zoom's generative AI and models from Meta, OpenAI, and Anthropic, the companion offers a conversational interface, real-time feedback, and scheduling capabilities. Read more to explore the latest features.
Meta releases Code Llama, an AI model that generates code in English. Discover its capabilities, training process, performance, adoption, risks, and more.
Discover the power of a growth mindset for aspiring entrepreneurs in "From Zero to Hero" by Matt Ainsworth. Embrace challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and continuously expand knowledge for long-term success.
Discover how Dell for Startups is giving a boost to Australian startups with its new program. Get startup-focused IT advice, funding assistance, member discounts, and networking opportunities to overcome obstacles and thrive. Join Dell for Startups today!
Discover Mila's partnership with KPI Mining Solutions, leveraging AI to efficiently capture critical minerals in the mining sector. Promising implications for mining efficiency and environmental impact reduction.
Confide: A secure whistleblowing platform by Pav Gill, whistleblower of Wirecard scandal. Built to prevent leaks, comply with EU regulations, and protect whistleblowers. Launching soon.
Experience Nvidia's astonishing growth driven by the demand for AI technology. With impressive earnings and a strong position in the data center market, Nvidia is poised for sustained growth. But can it maintain momentum? Learn more here.
Instacart's IPO valued at $9.1 billion marks a major milestone in the tech industry. This article explores the IPO details, implications, investor perspective, competition, and future outlook for Instacart.
X (formerly known as Twitter) plans to collect users' biometric data, education, and job history for safety, security, identification, and job recommendations. Learn about the implications and concerns regarding this policy change.
Discover the cutting-edge world of generative AI and the role of Silicon Valley designers in revolutionizing AI design. Learn how companies like Krea and Kraftful are transforming the way we create and grow products. Find out why the future of generative AI lies in the hands of innovative designers.
Wayflyer, an e-commerce loan startup, secures a $1B deal with Neuberger Berman. This funding will fuel the company's growth and support e-commerce businesses in any economic conditions.
Revolutionize software testing management with Qase. They've raised $7.2M in funding, offering a holistic approach to testing. Learn more here.
BYJU’S offers a repayment plan to lenders, aiming to clear its $1.2 billion debt in under six months. The proposal comes after a year of conflict and failed negotiations, as the company seeks resolution and lender acceptance.
Discover the exciting news about Fisker's $29,900 Pear EV! Foxconn is confirmed as the manufacturer, giving hope for an affordable electric vehicle. With reduced parts count and in-house supercomputers, Fisker aims to achieve their goal. Explore the unique features and manufacturing timeline. Get ready for the Pear EV's debut at IAA Mobility 2023!
Get ready for Cohesity's highly anticipated public listing! $3.7 billion data startup prepares for IPO with focus on profitability and strategic partnerships. Stay tuned for updates!
Find better jobs for hourly wage workers. Bandana revolutionizes the job search process by connecting workers to higher-paying jobs with benefits and convenient locations. Join the platform and improve your livelihood.
Learn quantum computing with Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University. Gain hands-on experience and bridge academia-industry gap. Join the educational program now!
Bluesky, the popular post-Twitter app, officially hits 1 million users. Its unique onboarding strategy and distinct subculture have contributed to its success. Embracing shitposting has helped foster creativity and a sense of authenticity within its engaged community.
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