Bluesky Officially Surpasses 1 Million Users Milestone

Bluesky, the popular post-Twitter app, achieved a significant milestone on Tuesday by reaching one million users. This exciting news was shared by Rose Wang, who works on strategy and operations for Bluesky, through a screenshot on X, formerly known as Twitter. The app stands out for its unique onboarding strategy, which involves a waitlist and invitation system to maintain a small and cozy user population as it continues to scale. Bluesky’s success in reaching one million users now confirms its potential and growing popularity in the social media landscape.

Explanation for discrepancy in installs and users

Back in July, it was reported that Bluesky had surpassed one million installs. However, it is only now that the app has actually reached the one million user mark. In response to TechCrunch’s inquiry on X, Rose Wang explained the reason behind this discrepancy. More people downloaded the app than actually had invite codes to log into it. Therefore, Bluesky’s recent milestone signifies that one million individuals were able to successfully create an account on the app, rather than just having the app on their devices.

Bluesky’s unique onboarding strategy

Bluesky stands out among other apps due to its unique onboarding strategy. Instead of allowing unlimited access to the app, Bluesky initially opted for a more exclusive approach. Users could only gain access through a waitlist or invitations from existing users. This intentional decision to keep the user population small has contributed to a more intimate and tightly-knit community within Bluesky. This strategy has proven successful in creating a welcoming and engaged user base.

Threads’ successful launch and user base

In contrast to Bluesky’s onboarding strategy, Threads, Meta’s own X/Twitter competitor, took a different approach. Threads experienced a massive influx of signups right from its launch day. This was facilitated by Meta’s decision to cross-promote the app to existing Instagram users. The seamless and user-friendly onboarding process resulted in an astounding achievement for Threads, with 30 million signups in less than 24 hours. Within just five days, Threads had surpassed the impressive milestone of 100 million users.

Comparison between Bluesky and Threads

When comparing Bluesky and Threads, it becomes apparent that these two post-Twitter apps differ in their onboarding processes and user experiences. While Bluesky focuses on maintaining a smaller but enthusiastic cohort of early adopters, Threads adopted a more widespread approach by targeting existing Instagram users. Despite Threads’ initial success, there are concerns about whether it can sustain its user base and establish a unique and distinct culture beyond its corporate identity. In contrast, Bluesky has embodied a distinct subculture that sets it apart from its competitors.

Bluesky’s distinct subculture

Bluesky has quickly established a distinct subculture that has resonated with its users. This subculture is characterized by surreal memes, dedicated shitposting, and a whimsical and pervasive horniness. The app’s users have embraced a playful and irreverent tone, contributing to a vibrant and engaging community. This distinct subculture has helped foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among Bluesky’s users, creating a unique appeal for those seeking a different social media experience.

Bluesky officially hits 1 million users

Embracing shitposting for success

One of the key factors in Bluesky’s success has been its embrace of shitposting. Shitposting, in the context of Bluesky, refers to the act of posting humorous, often nonsensical content that fosters a lighthearted and casual atmosphere. By encouraging shitposting, Bluesky has been able to foster creativity, encourage user-generated content, and establish a sense of authenticity and relatability within its community. This open and playful approach has resonated with users, contributing to Bluesky’s growing success.

In conclusion, Bluesky’s achievement of one million users is a testament to its unique onboarding strategy, distinct subculture, and embrace of shitposting. By intentionally keeping the user population small and fostering an engaging and playful community, Bluesky has managed to carve out its own space in the competitive social media landscape. As the app continues to grow and evolve, it is sure to attract even more users who appreciate its friendly and creative environment.