Cisco's surprise $28B acquisition of Splunk marks a strategic shift for the company. The deal aims to enhance security threat analysis and data management, offering immense value to stockholders. Pending regulatory approval, the deal is expected to close by Q3 next year.
Waabi and Uber Freight announce a strategic partnership for autonomous trucking, accelerating the adoption of self-driving technology and optimizing network efficiency.
Make AI models faster and more efficient with Clika's compression engine. Reduce compute power consumption and improve inferencing speed. Find out how Clika's toolkit can optimize AI models without sacrificing performance. Get an edge in the AI industry.
Roblox Acquires Speechly: Enhancing Voice Moderation for Gaming Communities. Learn how this acquisition aims to create a safe and engaging environment by revolutionizing voice chat moderation in the gaming world.
Discover how Griptape, a Seattle startup founded by Amazon veterans, is helping companies build AI apps securely. With recent funding of $12.5 million, Griptape is revolutionizing AI app development and shaping the future of the industry.
Elon Musk hints at introducing a monthly fee for X, the social networking site formerly known as Twitter, to combat the issue of bots. Find out more.
Discover the revolutionary RoboFab, a facility mass-producing humanoid robots. See how they address workforce challenges and revolutionize industries.
Varda's Orbital Factory reentry is delayed pending approval from the Air Force and FAA. Find out more about the setbacks and Varda's plans in this article.
Discover how startups are leading the boom in Web3, shaping the future of decentralized technology. Explore their role as drivers of innovation, enablers of adoption, disruptors in traditional industries, and successful examples of Web3 innovation. Learn about the challenges they face and the opportunities for collaboration with established enterprises.
Discover Favs, the close-friends-only social network aiming to bring back meaningful connections. With $1M funding, Favs launches in Jan 2024. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and ads!
Bluesky, the popular post-Twitter app, officially hits 1 million users. Its unique onboarding strategy and distinct subculture have contributed to its success. Embracing shitposting has helped foster creativity and a sense of authenticity within its engaged community.
Discover why Imbue, the latest AI startup, isn't competing with OpenAI. Learn about their unique approach, reasoning AI agents, and commitment to transparency and trust. Revolutionize the AI landscape with Imbue's customizable software.
OpenAI announces its first developer conference on November 6. Gain insights, preview new tools, and connect with OpenAI's technical staff. Limited attendance, livestream available.
Need help simplifying AI-enabled business apps? Check out this informative post on Retool Vectors and how they're streamlining AI integration for everyday operations.
Discover the new generative AI models and capabilities introduced by IBM on the Watsonx platform. Explore the powerful Granite series models, the Tuning Studio tool for customization, and the synthetic data generator. Also, learn about's generative AI capabilities and Watsonx.governance's privacy protection and bias detection. IBM aims to establish its relevance in the competitive AI field.
Confide: A secure whistleblowing platform by Pav Gill, whistleblower of Wirecard scandal. Built to prevent leaks, comply with EU regulations, and protect whistleblowers. Launching soon.
Discover Zoom's new AI Companion for an enhanced user experience! Powered by Zoom's generative AI and models from Meta, OpenAI, and Anthropic, the companion offers a conversational interface, real-time feedback, and scheduling capabilities. Read more to explore the latest features.
Get the details of the Apple-backed Globalstar and SpaceX partnership. A $64M launch contract, new satellites, and the future of satellite connectivity.
Explore the potential impact of a proposed 'robot tax' on automation and jobs. Learn about the ongoing debate and opinions on job displacement, advantages and disadvantages, and perspectives from prominent figures. Discover the legislation progress in South Korea and the effects of AI and technology. Find out how upskilling can address job displacement.
Rocket Launcher wins Dig Award at the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce 2023 Mineral Resources Business Awards. Now transitioning into a tech startup, Rocket Launcher aims to empower businesses with AI and data analytics, driving growth and reshaping the marketing industry.
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