Embark on a journey of self-reflection and human connection with Every, an AI-powered app by Hungryroot founder Ben McKean. Discover more about yourself, connect with others, and foster meaningful relationships in an increasingly disconnected world.
Okta announces AI-powered capabilities for its identity platform, aiming to enhance security and improve user experiences. These features include Identity Threat Protection, Policy Recommender, and Log Investigator. Beta testing begins soon and will be available to customers next year.
Lemurian Labs: Building a New Compute Paradigm to Reduce Cost of Running AI Models. Learn about their innovative approach, chip development, and plans to release software stack next year.
Discover the new AI-powered features of Arc Max, an innovative browsing experience that combines OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and Anthropic's models. From conversing with ChatGPT to customized commands, enjoy convenience and productivity effortlessly.
Visa invests $100M in generative AI ventures to reshape the future of payments. Discover the potential of generative AI in finance and commerce. Visa's history with AI and focus on cryptocurrency. Explore the applications of generative AI and Visa's role in driving innovation. What Visa's investment means for the future of payments and the intersection of AI and payments.
Generative AI companies are facing lawsuits for copyright infringement as artists demand fair compensation. Lawsuits have been filed against Stability AI, MidJourney, and Microsoft. Companies like Adobe and Getty Images have promised profit-sharing initiatives, but details are unclear. Generative AI companies struggle to convince artists to participate in model training due to vague promises of future riches. Fair compensation and transparency are needed to bridge the gap between artists and the generative AI industry.
BeReal disputes report of declining users, claiming 25 million daily users. Despite competition, BeReal aims to attract a larger user base with new features.
Protect citizens' data: Norway's data protection authority seeks extension of ban on Meta's consentless tracking ads across the EU. Learn more here.
Discover how Senser's AI-enhanced observability platform, with $9.5M in funding, revolutionizes issue identification for developers and ops teams.
Discover a new world of content with Tubi's ChatGPT-4 powered tool. Ask questions, get tailored recommendations, and enjoy bookmarking and search history features. Revolutionize your entertainment experience now!
Generate visually appealing and accurate images with Getty Images' AI-powered image generator. Safely create visuals for commercial use with their royalty-free license. Customize images to match brand style and support the creators. Find out more about the future of ethical AI in image generation.
Investment of up to $4 billion by Amazon in AI startup Anthropic leads to enhanced AI capabilities and increased competition in the industry.
Bluesky sees a surge in usage after Elon Musk's announcement about changes to X. Get details on the record number of new sign-ups and increased web traffic.
PhonePe challenges Google with its zero fee app store in India, offering a credible alternative for Android developers. No platform fees or commission on in-app purchases.
French startup begins tests with hydrogen-powered executive jet. Beyond Aero is revolutionizing aviation with their eco-friendly jet, but infrastructure remains a challenge. Join their mission for a greener future of travel.
Revolutionize movement analysis and injury prevention with Plantiga Technologies' AI-powered footwear sensor pod. Collects data for up to 12 hours to optimize performance and reduce injury risks. Used by athletes, therapists, coaches, and more. Expanding into consumer market.
AppFactor automates legacy enterprise app migration to the cloud. Solve technical debt and modernize applications for efficient migration. Learn more now!
Cisco's surprise $28B acquisition of Splunk marks a strategic shift for the company. The deal aims to enhance security threat analysis and data management, offering immense value to stockholders. Pending regulatory approval, the deal is expected to close by Q3 next year.
Waabi and Uber Freight announce a strategic partnership for autonomous trucking, accelerating the adoption of self-driving technology and optimizing network efficiency.
Make AI models faster and more efficient with Clika's compression engine. Reduce compute power consumption and improve inferencing speed. Find out how Clika's toolkit can optimize AI models without sacrificing performance. Get an edge in the AI industry.
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