Plantiga Technologies AI Powered Footwear Sensor Pod Aims To Reduce Injury Risks

Plantiga Technologies, a Vancouver-based movement analytics company, is revolutionizing the field of injury prevention and rehabilitation with its AI-powered footwear sensor pod. This innovative device can be embedded into shoes, orthotics, or insoles to analyze users’ movement patterns, helping them improve their health, reduce injury risks, and optimize their performance.

Background of Plantiga Technologies

Plantiga Technologies was founded in 2017 by Quin Sandler and his late father, Norman McKay. The company started as a side project and quickly gained traction when it got the Seattle Mariners and LA Lakers on board for a proof-of-concept pilot project. Unfortunately, Norman passed away due to aggressive prostate cancer shortly after, but his legacy continues to drive the company’s mission.

Introduction to the Arc5 sensor pod

In June of this year, Plantiga launched the fifth-generation of its sensor pod called Arc5. This state-of-the-art device is capable of collecting movement data for up to 12 hours. The Arc5 sensor pod can be easily integrated into any type of footwear, making it a versatile tool for analyzing human biomechanics in real-world settings.

Founder’s motivation behind the technology

Norman McKay’s extensive experience around gait labs inspired him to create a gait lab in a shoe. He believed that if they could accurately monitor people’s movement and wellness through their footwear, it would revolutionize the way we approach healthcare. Quin Sandler has continued his father’s vision, naming the company’s AI movement coach after his late father.

The role of AI in Plantiga’s movement coach

The AI movement coach, named Norman, plays a vital role in analyzing users’ movement patterns and identifying any deviations from their baseline. By collecting data over four to five sessions, Norman’s AI algorithms can learn how a person moves and predict when they move differently. This allows health experts to monitor and assess limb strength, identify areas that need improvement, and predict rehab outcomes.

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Application of the Arc5 sensor pod in data collection

The Arc5 sensor pod collects movement data in an ecologically relevant manner, capturing human biomechanics in various settings such as the gym, sports fields, or everyday activities. Unlike other wearable devices that focus on specific body parts, Plantiga’s sensor pod provides a comprehensive analysis without the need for cameras, cables, or additional sensors. This makes it a convenient and practical solution for data collection.

Benefits and potential of movement data analysis

Movement is a biomarker for human health, and analyzing movement data can provide valuable insights for injury prevention, rehab outcomes, disease progression, and performance optimization. By utilizing the data collected by the Arc5 sensor pod, health experts, including foot doctors, physical therapists, and sports specialists, can make informed decisions and tailor treatment plans to each individual’s needs.

The challenge of measuring biomechanics in real-world settings

Measuring biomechanics in real-world settings has always been a challenge. Traditional wearable devices often have limitations and are unable to capture ecologically relevant movement data. Plantiga’s monitoring sensor pod addresses this challenge by seamlessly integrating into any type of footwear, allowing for accurate and comprehensive insights into human biomechanics.

Advantages of Plantiga’s monitoring sensor pod

Plantiga’s monitoring sensor pod offers several advantages over other wearable devices. Its integration into footwear ensures that users can wear their preferred shoes without the need for additional equipment. The device collects data for up to 12 hours, providing a comprehensive picture of an individual’s movement patterns. Additionally, the AI algorithms developed by Plantiga make it easy to analyze and interpret the collected data, saving time and effort for health experts.

Current customers and target market

Plantiga already has an impressive customer base, including elite athletes from major sports leagues such as the NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL, NHL, and NCAA, as well as physical therapists, coaches, surgeons, athletic trainers, and the Canadian Armed Forces. The company’s target market extends beyond professional sports, with plans to expand into the broader consumer market. The global sports tech market and wearable tech market are projected to experience significant growth, presenting a vast opportunity for Plantiga’s innovative sensor pod.

Potential partnerships and investors

Plantiga has already established partnerships with major footwear brands for co-development, licensing, and distribution. These partnerships will enable the widespread adoption of the Arc5 sensor pod, reaching a broader consumer market. In terms of investors, the company has received funding from Radical Ventures, Vanedge Capital, and notable angel investors such as Haig Farris and Barney Pell. Plantiga is currently raising another round of funding to support its expansion plans and aims to reach profitability within the next six months.


Plantiga Technologies’ AI-powered footwear sensor pod is revolutionizing the field of movement analytics. By analyzing users’ movement patterns and collecting data in real-world settings, this innovative device offers valuable insights for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance optimization. With a growing customer base and potential partnerships with major footwear brands, Plantiga is poised to make a significant impact in the sports tech and wearable tech markets.