Sydney Startup Refilled Aims To Eliminate 100M Single Use Plastic Bottles By 2030

In a world where environmental sustainability has become increasingly important, Sydney-based startup Refilled is taking the initiative to tackle the issue of single-use plastic bottles. With a vision to eliminate 100 million of these bottles by 2030, Refilled is revolutionizing the way beverages are consumed and striving to make a significant impact on plastic pollution.

Refilled’s BYO-Bottle system

Replacing wasteful vending machines

Refilled’s innovative BYO-Bottle system is designed to replace traditional vending machines that contribute to the growing problem of plastic waste. Instead of purchasing a single-use plastic bottle, users are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottle to refill at Refilled machines. This innovative approach not only reduces waste but also promotes sustainability and responsible consumption.

Offering a variety of drink options

Refilled understands that consumer preferences vary, which is why their BYO-Bottle system offers a wide range of drink options. Whether you prefer still or sparkling drinks, Refilled has got you covered. With an array of flavors and optional boosters, users can customize their drinks to suit their taste preferences and health goals. From refreshing fruit-infused waters to energy-boosting beverages, Refilled provides a diverse selection to cater to every individual’s needs.

Flavors and optional boosters

To enhance the drinking experience, Refilled offers a variety of flavors and optional boosters. Whether you prefer a tangy citrus twist or a soothing herbal infusion, Refilled has a flavor for everyone. Additionally, users have the option to personalize their drinks with boosters such as vitamins, minerals, or natural extracts. This not only adds a unique touch to the beverages but also promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Tracking and incentivizing bottle savings

Tracking the number of bottles saved

One of the key features of Refilled’s system is the ability to track the number of bottles saved. Each time a user refills their bottle at a Refilled machine, the system automatically updates the count of bottles saved. This not only allows users to monitor their personal contribution to reducing plastic waste but also provides them with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue their sustainable habits.

Reusable bottles with QR codes for payment

To streamline the refill process and make it more convenient, Refilled offers reusable bottles with QR codes for payment. Users can simply scan the QR code on their bottle at the machine, and the payment is automatically deducted from their account. This eliminates the hassle of carrying cash or cards and ensures a seamless and efficient experience for users.


Expansion plans

Building and installing 100 Refillers by 2024

Refilled is committed to scaling its impact and reducing plastic pollution on a larger scale. With ambitious expansion plans, the company aims to build and install 100 Refillers by 2024. By increasing accessibility to refill stations, Refilled hopes to encourage more people to adopt sustainable consumption practices and contribute to the global effort of eliminating single-use plastic bottles.

Reducing plastic pollution

By providing an alternative to single-use plastic bottles, Refilled not only aims to eliminate 100 million bottles by 2030 but also strives to reduce the overall plastic pollution. With each refill, a plastic bottle that would have otherwise ended up in landfills or polluting water bodies is avoided. Through their initiatives, Refilled is making a positive environmental impact and inspiring others to follow suit.

Funding and investment

$600,000 raised in funding

To bring their vision to life, Refilled has successfully raised $600,000 in funding. This initial capital injection has enabled the company to develop and refine their BYO-Bottle system, as well as build the necessary infrastructure for their refill stations. The funding serves as a testament to the trust and belief investors have in Refilled’s mission and their potential to make a significant impact.

Seeking an additional $3 million

With plans for expansion and widespread adoption of their BYO-Bottle system, Refilled is seeking an additional $3 million in investment. This capital will be utilized to accelerate their growth and increase the installation of Refillers across various locations. As Refilled continues to gain traction and attract attention for their innovative approach, further investment will allow them to reach even more consumers and achieve their goal of eliminating 100 million single-use plastic bottles.

Partnership with Google

Refilled machines installed at Google’s Pyrmont campus

Refilled has forged a significant partnership with tech giant Google, with their machines being installed at Google’s Pyrmont campus. As a company known for its commitment to sustainability, Google recognizes the value of Refilled’s BYO-Bottle system and its ability to make a tangible impact on reducing plastic waste. This partnership not only showcases Refilled’s credibility but also establishes them as a frontrunner in the fight against plastic pollution.

Environmental impact

Reducing waste

The primary environmental impact of Refilled’s initiative is the significant reduction of waste. By eliminating single-use plastic bottles, Refilled is directly addressing the issue at its source. With each refill, a plastic bottle that would have otherwise contributed to the ever-growing waste problem is prevented. This reduction in waste has far-reaching implications for the environment and plays a crucial role in creating a more sustainable future.

Lowering delivery emissions

Another significant environmental benefit of Refilled’s BYO-Bottle system is the reduction in delivery emissions. Traditional vending machines require frequent restocking and delivery of bottled beverages, resulting in increased emissions from transportation vehicles. By encouraging users to bring their own bottles and refill them, Refilled eliminates the need for regular deliveries, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Minimizing supply chain waste

Beyond reducing waste and delivery emissions, Refilled’s system also minimizes supply chain waste. With traditional vending machines, a significant amount of packaging, such as plastic wrapping and cardboard boxes, is required for each individual bottle. By opting for the BYO-Bottle method, Refilled eliminates the need for excessive packaging, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.

In conclusion, Refilled’s innovative BYO-Bottle system is revolutionizing the way beverages are consumed and making a real difference in the fight against plastic pollution. With ambitious expansion plans, successful funding rounds, and strategic partnerships, Refilled is paving the way for a sustainable future. By eliminating 100 million single-use plastic bottles by 2030, Refilled is proving that every individual’s choices can make a significant impact on our planet. So, join the movement and make a conscious decision to bring your own bottle – together, we can turn the tide on plastic waste and create a cleaner and greener world for future generations.