Gulden: A Dutch Centric Crytpocurrency

Gulden Logo
Gulden Logo

Gulden is a crypto currency focused on the Netherlands. This focus, has proved a success as the adoption and practical use of this altcoin is gaining traction and is doing it fast. I have interview Roel Boer CEO of, to help us frame and understand the power of Gulden.

What is Gulden?

Gulden (NLG) is a digital currency that focusses on the end-user. Usability is one of the most important aspects, so everything is built with the end-user in mind. From the apps to the development of its blockchain, everything is made to offer a smooth and enhanced experience of the technology.

What is the role of in the Gulden Ecosystem?

Nocks offers several services using Gulden, such as buying/selling or paying a bill. We also process Gulden payments for several merchants.

On top of that Nocks delivers important functions which are integrated with the official Gulden mobile and desktop apps. You can pay anywhere with Gulden, where Bitcoin is accepted just by scanning a Bitcoin QR with the Gulden mobile apps. You can also easily send euros to any IBAN bank account from the app up to €500 per transaction.

Gulden Price Evolution
Gulden Price Evolution

How is Gulden different from Bitcoin?

There is a deep desire to please users in terms of usability, not just the way the apps work or should work. Several blockchain-based innovations are developed to make everything work beyond what’s expected by people. Gulden makes sure you have a smooth front-end banking experience, while you’re actually using scalable and reliable blockchain technology.

What are the core features from a technical point of view for Gulden?

DELTA is the most advanced diff algorithm that has been developed by the Gulden development team to keep our blockchain running smooth and to give our dedicated miners better value. Multi/Jump pools have changed the game and DELTA is our answer to them.

Improvement of block times since December 15th after the latest DELTA update.

A full overview of the latest Gulden release: Gulden – Developer

Upcoming core features: Gulden – RoadMap

Gulden RoadMap
Gulden RoadMap

Prime is going to be introduced late March, following what the Gulden development team have explained about it. It’s going to be delivered in two parts. 1-confirmation transactions followed by zero-confirmation transactions.

Not much is known about this project yet, other then it will help new users get involved with Gulden a lot easier.

What are the three main advantages of Gulden Users?

  1. A reliable and fast transaction network
  2. Great apps that continue to improve in usability, quality and design
  3. An active support community to help and welcome users into the world of decentralised currency.

What are three ways in which Investors profit from Gulden? How can investors use Nocks to do this?

  1. Active development that enhances both the quality of the network and the experience of every user.
  2. Increasing ways to use Gulden in a way that impacts your day-to-day life;
  3. Great ROI options.
  4. You can buy Gulden shares which are worth 20,000 Guldens. These generate 1% a month

People can use Nocks to buy or sell Gulden to profit from an increase or decrease in Gulden’s value or simply use it to pay for something through us at Nocks.

Gulden has had high merchant adoption rates by crypto standards, what were the main reasons for this factor?

The power lies in numbers, where a lot of users have a chance to buy and sell Gulden very easily. With users, come merchants. Though, merchants don’t see a major amount of transactions from Gulden users – it is however the way you can get started with Gulden that attracts both everyday users and merchants.

Are there any systems where Gulden holders can earn interest on their coin?

Users can invest in Gulden Shares, which actually helps pay for development of Gulden. You buy packages of 20.000 Gulden that earn you a 1% interest every month for an entire year.

To invest in Gulden Shares

More About Gulden Shares

What are the main advantages of FIAT over Gulden?

You can use FIAT anywhere, whether it’s cash, using your credit card or some other card-type or bank-type payment. Gulden doesn’t have that advantage yet, though being able to pay at Gulden merchants, Bitcoin merchants and send euros out to any IBAN is already a great step in the right direction.

How is Gulden better than FIAT?

It’s available and ready to go 24/7. You control your money, rather than some institution or third-party. It’s perfect for a lot of small and frequent payments at lower fees than paying with FIAT. You have a freedom of currency basically, because you can just use Gulden directly as if it were euros or Bitcoin straight from the app.

Do you see DASH as a direct competitor? 

I don’t know, I don’t think Gulden looks at Dash that way to be honest. Dash is doing cool stuff, but just in a different manner and addressing different user needs I guess.

What are the key factors that will increase Gulden value in the future?

Offering more usability within the apps and improving the Gulden network by developing blockchain innovations are the most important factors right now. These developments will spark a wide range of options for smart developers and entrepreneurs.

Where can potential Gulden Investors, Users and Merchants find more information about Gulden?

Best way to do that is to go to and Merchants can contact Nocks directly at as we provide full POStools, both custom and ready to go plugins.

We thank Roel Boer for this interview.