Why Website Will Continue To Be Crucial To Your Startup’s Success Post COVID-19 Era

Why a Website Will Continue to be Crucial to Your Startup’s Success Post COVID-19 Era
Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

Thanks to the available vaccines, the end of nationwide lockdowns and travel restrictions could be on the horizon. But that does not erase the effects of the pandemic across the world, especially for businesses.

Some businesses shut down, but other entrepreneurs embraced the situation and brought about new business ideas. Others adapted to the pandemic and found new ways to sell their products and services.

One common denominator in all of this was the online presence of businesses, regardless of the location. As technology continues to make the world a global village, companies are becoming more accessible even to people on different continents. Never before has this been truer than in the past year.

This is a trend that is anticipated to pick up. As an entrepreneur, your business’s online presence, either through a website or a mobile app, is more important than ever, even in the post-Covid-19 era.

Here’s why a website will continue to be a crucial component of your startup’s success in the post-covid-19 era:

24/7 Operation

While some regions have tried to go back to the ‘normal,’ there is nothing similar to the life we used to know. Businesses are still closing early, there are still social distancing restrictions, and the new strains of the virus are sending panic and more caution.

There is a high likelihood that your brick and mortar location will close early, and you cannot allow many visitors in at once. To counter this, you will need a website. It gives your business a 24/7 presence, regardless of whether you are traveling or not.

With a website, prospective customers will also have an opportunity to learn about your business without having to call or drive for miles to get to your physical location.

Payment for online services is also quite easy nowadays. Many online payment methods allow you to collect payments online, and you can ship products to your customers across the globe.

Customer Insights in Real-Time

The pandemic has changed how we interact with each other and our psychological and non-psychological behaviors. These changes affect consumer behaviors more than one can imagine.

The survival of a business depends on the entrepreneur’s flexibility and ability to change consumer trends. What better way can one stay ahead of the trend than with real-time insights on their customer’s behavior?

A website and online presence offer you this information. With online analytics systems that you can integrate into your website and collect data on customers who visit your website.

This includes what pages they access on your website, how long they spend on these pages, to how they got to your website in the first place. All of this can help you improve your services and tailor your products and services to meet their needs.

Building a Community

Among many other lessons, this pandemic taught us all the need for a community and to belong somewhere. Believe it or not, this goes beyond our families and friends but also to our online presence. If anything, social media sites have amplified this.

With a website and presence in other social media sites, your business can cultivate an online community where your customer get a sense of belonging. It will give them an easy way to get to you, air their comments, and even help you understand more about your business.

Ensure you are always active on the website, with blog posts or podcasts that educate your customer’s about your business and industry. Consistent and valuable content will keep them coming back. Even when they are not buying, they will get useful information to share with their loved ones.

Online Elevator Pitch

Forget the in-person meet-ups where you had to prepare endless slides of what your business is all about. A website will be your full-time accessible elevator pitch, even when you are looking for funding and investors.

Ensure your business website has an ‘About Us’ page that describes your mission, vision, and what your business is all about. You can include a little history of the business. Some entrepreneurs even have a video.

Most importantly, this will allow you to get creative with what you want visitors to see without feeling rushed to create an elevator pitch that pleases a few investors.

No matter what industry you are in, the bottom line is your business stands a greater success chance if it has an online presence during and post Covid-19 era. Ensure your website has all the right content, from the ‘About Us’ page to contact details and up-to-date pages on the available services and products.