Meistrari Innovates In AI Prompt Engineering Aiming For Simplicity

The AI landscape is continuously evolving, and the Brazil-based team at Meistrari is at the forefront of this change, aiming to simplify a critical aspect of AI development: prompt engineering. Founded in 2023 by Rodrigo Bobrow and Henrique Cunha, Meistrari emerged from a need to streamline the process of AI orchestration and prompt engineering, an area often seen as challenging by developers.

Meistrari’s journey began with ‘Perfect Profile’, an AI product designed to optimize LinkedIn profiles for better search visibility. While developing this product, the team realized the significant time investment required for AI orchestration. Faced with this challenge, Bobrow and Cunha embarked on creating a more efficient, user-friendly solution for prompt creation and output evaluation.

Their platform stands out by eliminating the need for programming knowledge, making it accessible to a broader audience. It focuses on quality control across various applications of language models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Cohere. The platform encompasses prompt management, system testing, result evaluation, and monitoring in production environments.

Bobrow highlights the three core experiences of their platform: crafting effective prompts, a testing suite with 100 test cases per brand for real-life performance evaluation, and an output evaluation system with multiple evaluators. This comprehensive approach allows users to, for instance, create a prompt for humor in a specific style, and then assess its effectiveness through the platform.

In 2023, Meistrari introduced its proof of concept, ‘Prompts Royale’, on GitHub, drawing attention from industry leaders, including Shopify co-founder Tobi Lütke, who requested additional security features for Shopify’s use. This led to immediate recognition with over 100 GitHub stars on its first day and interest from several investors.

Despite being in its infancy – less than five months into technology development – Meistrari secured a $4 million seed capital round co-led by Monashees and Audacious Ventures. This round also saw participation from angel investors like Oleg Rogynskyy of People AI, Paul St. John, former CRO of GitHub, and Hugh Strange, former CPO of Nubank.

This funding is earmarked for expanding the team and further developing their AI infrastructure. Bobrow anticipates the release of a minimum viable product within the next couple of months.

Cunha, in a recent interview, shared their vision of creating a development environment centered around natural language. He notes an emerging trend where code bases are increasingly written in English rather than traditional programming languages. Meistrari aims to facilitate this shift by providing an integrated development environment for natural language itself.

Meistrari’s mission is clear: to demystify and streamline the prompt engineering process, making it more accessible and efficient. This approach not only caters to the needs of current AI developers but also opens doors for a broader range of users to engage with AI technology, marking a significant step forward in the field.