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Virtual Reality

Greg Mrotek is the creator of the Motif “BF4 4 LIFE” on MotifMotif is a platform on which any investor can create an ETF life instrument to invest in stocks; a Motif contains a number of stocks. This Motif can then be used by other investors to replicate a particular investment strategy. The original creator of the Motif can update the motif and the investors who have invested in the Motif can adoprt the recommended changes.

What are the benefits of investing through Motif?

Motif allows you to create groups of stocks (up to 30) and to invest in all of them for only $9.95 commission fee. There is a $250 minimum purchase. They run specials from time to time where its free. It’s an interesting feature that basically lets you create your own ETF. They have subscription services as well, and a pretty robust community of Motifs created by them as well as users. I find it more interactive than other online brokers and easier to use.

You have created a way for investors

What does BF4 4 LIFE stand for?

BF4 is an acronym for Battlefield 4, a first-person shooting game that is pretty realistic. I am a fan of the Battlefield franchise and have been playing it for awhile. The 4 LIFE bit is a tongue in cheek reference to my obsession with video games as escapism. There are many differing opinions about the effect of violent video games on people. Personally, I feel that for normal, healthy adults, video games can have a positive effect on our psyche. I plan to play video games as long as I can. For many this is a generational distinction.

Can you tell me more about your background?

I am a trained photographer, I sell electronics online professionally, and I enjoy video games, so I have a good working knowledge of the companies in the BF4 4 LIFE motif.

Why did you create this motif?

I have had a close relationship with technology all my life – I grew up with AOL, so the beginning of the Internet we all know today, and through that time I feel like I’ve experienced a lot of trends come and go. This experience makes me think that Virtual Reality and Video Games are going to be big stuff. VR is much more than a fad, or a gimmick, like 3D televisions. VR is going to redefine how we interact with the internet and the physical world. Its hard to realize that now based on the technology, but as we know, the technology will shrink and the software will be better developed as time goes on. Now is the infancy of VR. Its still learning how to walk and talk and exist in today’s digital landscape. I have personally demoed the HTC Vive and the experience is amazing. I think we’re still many years away from mass adoption, but it is coming.

The gaming landscape has been maturing quite nicely. There are almost too many options for gaming now that cell phones can do what they do. Video games are accessible to everyone now because of mobile, and they are proving to be big bucks. Candy Crush and Angry Birds are two excellent examples. They even made a movie with the Angry Birds characters. The speed that AB grew in popularity felt (to me) very fast. Another massive hit, and more to my point, would be Pokemon. With that game you start to see mobile and VR meld, utilizing augmented reality to play the game. Graphics have been improving steadily, so that we are up against the uncanny valley – game graphics can leave you wondering what is real and what is computer-generated. I imagine a future where this distinction is even harder to discern, possibly even accepted; a future where the digital becomes so ingrained into our existence that we stop caring what is natural and what is man-made. That is decades away in my opinion, but I feel like that’s where we’re headed.

Could you list the companies in this Motif?

Why did you select the companies in the Motif? On what basis did you choose these companies?

I thought about who the big players in the gaming, processing, and VR world are. This is still a relatively young industry; there are many influential people and companies working on VR, but not everyone is listing on the NYSE. I tried to pick companies that have direct ties to VR, gaming, and hardware.

How can potential investors find this Virtual Reality Motif?

You can find it all here: BF4 4 LIFE motif