BeReal Refutes Declining User Report Claims 25 Million Daily Users

BeReal, the popular social app known for its authentic and candid photo-sharing experience, is disputing a recent report that suggests it is losing traction and experiencing a decline in users. According to a report from Similarweb, BeReal’s monthly active users on iOS and Android in the U.S. have declined from a peak of 3.7 million in November 2022 to just over 3 million in August 2023. However, BeReal has refuted these claims, stating that its own internal metrics indicate that it is still growing at a healthy rate.

Claims it now has 25M daily users

In response to Similarweb’s findings, BeReal has asserted that it currently has over 25 million daily active users worldwide. The company has emphasized that third-party reports are only estimates and that its own internal numbers provide a more accurate representation of its user base. While the report highlights a decline in usage in the U.S., BeReal has seen continued growth in its home market of France, where it is nearing 615,000 monthly active users on Android. This indicates that BeReal’s popularity is still strong in certain regions.

Background on BeReal

BeReal’s rise in popularity

BeReal burst onto the social media scene less than a year ago and quickly gained popularity among users looking for a more authentic photo-sharing experience. The app allowed users to capture candid moments using both the front and back cameras of their smartphones, a concept reminiscent of the older social app Frontback. BeReal’s growth was largely fueled by word-of-mouth and its college ambassador program, as well as features like WidgetMoji and RealMoji, which enhanced the user experience. Its unique approach to photo-sharing resonated with users, leading to a surge in adoption.

Rollout of new features

To maintain its momentum and appeal to a wider audience, BeReal introduced several new features to its platform. These updates include messaging capabilities, the ability to post multiple photos, and a “Friends of Friends” discovery feed. By continually innovating and adding more functionality, BeReal aimed to provide users with a comprehensive social media experience that went beyond just photo-sharing. These updates were well-received by the community and showcased BeReal’s commitment to staying relevant in a competitive market.

Similarweb Report: Declining Traction in the U.S.

Monthly active users on iOS and Android

Similarweb’s report highlights a decline in BeReal’s monthly active users on iOS and Android in the U.S. The figures indicate a drop from a peak of 3.7 million users in November 2022 to just over 3 million users in August 2023. This decline suggests that BeReal may be losing traction in the U.S. market, which raises concerns about its overall growth and popularity.

Decline from peak in November 2022 to August 2023

The decline in BeReal’s monthly active users from November 2022 to August 2023 is significant as it suggests a potential loss of interest or engagement among users. Similarweb’s data indicates that BeReal has seen a decline in usage over this period, which raises questions about the app’s ability to retain users and sustain long-term growth. This decline could be attributed to a variety of factors, including increased competition from other social media platforms and user fatigue with the photo-sharing concept.

BeReal’s Response to Similarweb’s Findings

Disputing Similarweb’s estimates

BeReal has disputed Similarweb’s estimates regarding its declining traction, stating that the figures provided by the research firm are inaccurate. The company has emphasized that reports from third-party sources are merely estimates and may not provide an accurate representation of BeReal’s user base. By disputing Similarweb’s findings, BeReal aims to reassure users and stakeholders that its growth is still on track and that it continues to attract new users.

Stating its own internal metrics are more accurate

BeReal has reiterated that its own internal metrics offer a more accurate reflection of its user base and growth. By relying on its own data, BeReal aims to provide a more reliable assessment of its performance and refute any claims of declining usage. The company’s confidence in its internal metrics suggests that it has a strong understanding of its user base and is actively monitoring its growth to ensure success in the competitive social media landscape.

BeReal’s Growth in France

Continued growth in its home market

While BeReal may be experiencing some challenges in the U.S. market, it has seen consistent growth in its home market of France. Similarweb’s report indicates that BeReal is nearing 615,000 monthly active users on Android in France, up from less than 500,000 users last year. This growth suggests that BeReal’s appeal and relevance are still strong in certain markets, fueling its overall growth and success.

Increase in monthly active users on Android

BeReal’s increase in monthly active users on Android in France further underscores the app’s popularity in the region. The growing user base indicates that BeReal has managed to attract and retain users in its home market, which is crucial for long-term success. This growth serves as a positive sign for BeReal and demonstrates its ability to resonate with users in specific regions.

Challenges with User Retention

Struggles with retaining users

One of the challenges that BeReal faces is retaining users and maintaining long-term engagement. While the app initially gained traction and popularity, it has experienced difficulties in retaining users over time. The decline in monthly active users reported by Similarweb suggests that BeReal may be facing user churn and struggles to keep users engaged and active on the platform. Addressing this challenge will be essential for BeReal’s future growth and success.

Competition from larger social media companies

BeReal faces stiff competition from larger social media companies that have replicated its front-and-back photo concept. TikTok, Instagram, and Snap are among the platforms that have incorporated similar features and attracted users who may have otherwise used BeReal. This competition from established players in the industry poses a significant challenge for BeReal, requiring the company to differentiate itself and offer unique features to stand out in a crowded market.

BeReal’s Funding and Valuation

Series B funding of $60 million

To support its growth and innovation efforts, BeReal secured Series B funding of $60 million earlier this year. The funding round demonstrated investor confidence in BeReal’s potential and provided the company with the financial resources to fuel its expansion. The significant investment reflects the belief in BeReal’s vision and the value it offers to users in the social media landscape.

Valuation at just under $587 million

BeReal’s Series B funding round resulted in a valuation of just under $587 million. This valuation highlights the market’s recognition of BeReal’s value proposition and growth potential. The substantial valuation positions BeReal as a significant player in the social media industry, further solidifying its presence and giving it the resources to compete with other major players.

Comparison with Competitors

Competition from other new social apps

BeReal faces competition from other emerging social apps that are vying for users’ attention and time. The social media landscape is constantly evolving, and new apps continually enter the market, presenting alternative options for users. BeReal must navigate this competitive landscape to attract and retain users in a crowded market, emphasizing its unique features and value proposition.

Comparison with Instagram’s new app Threads

Similarweb’s report compares BeReal’s user base with that of Instagram’s new app Threads. The data indicates that Threads has more than double the number of U.S. users compared to BeReal, with nearly 7.3 million users. While Threads initially experienced a drop in usage shortly after its launch, it quickly rebounded and became the top app by downloads in the third quarter. This comparison highlights the challenges that BeReal faces in competing with well-established platforms like Instagram, further emphasizing the need for innovative features and compelling experiences.

BeReal’s Unique Selling Proposition

Emphasis on authenticity in the age of fake social media

BeReal’s unique selling proposition lies in its emphasis on authenticity and real experiences in an era dominated by curated and manipulated content on social media. By encouraging users to capture candid moments and genuine interactions, BeReal aims to create a more honest and relatable social media experience. This focus on authenticity differentiates BeReal from other platforms and appeals to users looking for a more genuine connection.

Limitations in capitalizing on generative AI apps

While there is a growing demand for generative AI apps, BeReal has chosen to focus on its core value proposition of authenticity, which sets it apart from platforms that rely heavily on AI-generated content. By prioritizing the real and unfiltered moments captured by its users, BeReal may miss out on certain consumer segments that are drawn to the novelty and creativity of generative AI apps. However, this strategic decision aligns with BeReal’s commitment to providing an authentic social media experience.

Slow Growth Rate and Need for Innovation

Limited uptick in daily active users

Despite its claims of continuous growth, BeReal’s reported increase in daily active users from 20 million to 25 million over the course of a year suggests a relatively slow growth rate. To attract a larger user base and achieve sustainable growth, BeReal needs to identify and implement compelling features that will captivate both existing and new users. The limited uptick in daily active users underscores the importance of ongoing innovation to stay competitive in the ever-evolving social media landscape.

Importance of developing compelling features

To address the need for increased user engagement and attraction, BeReal must prioritize the development of compelling features that offer unique value to its users. By continually innovating and providing new experiences, BeReal can differentiate itself from competitors and give users a reason to remain active and loyal to the platform. This focus on feature development will be crucial for BeReal’s future success, enabling it to sustain growth and maintain relevance in a rapidly changing industry.

In conclusion, while BeReal faces challenges with declining traction in certain markets and user retention, it remains confident in its growth trajectory. The company disputes the estimates presented in Similarweb’s report and emphasizes the validity and accuracy of its own internal metrics. With continued growth in its home market of France, secured funding, and a commitment to authenticity, BeReal is well-positioned to navigate the competitive social media landscape and drive innovation to attract and retain users. By focusing on the development of compelling features and offering a unique value proposition, BeReal aims to secure its place as a prominent player in the industry and provide users with an authentic and engaging social media experience.