Small Business Experts Distill Knowledge Into One-Stop-Shop Business Advisory Platform For Entrepreneurs

Clarity leadership team combine expertise to launch the business advisory platform for small business worldwide. Having built and sold multiple award-winning companies, the four founding members are uniquely placed to deliver the Clarity vision. Having advised thousands of entrepreneurs across the world, they have a deep understanding of the challenges facing small business today and know what success looks like As influential qualified chartered accountants, the Clarity platform will encompass their partnerships from within the accounting profession, and technology will be used to display key metrics and data in an innovative and helpful dashboard for small business owners.

The platform will be powered by the CLRTY token, enabling subscribers to access the platform’s features. By using the power of both artificial intelligence and blockchain, Clarity will allow the 163 million small businesses around the world to take back control of their data, powering growth and success. The platform will help them understand their numbers, how to make better decisions, build a better business and access the cash, finance and investment they desperately need.

All founders have embraced technology in their accounting firms, and understand that blockchain is the most promising fundamental technology to disruptively transform business processes in several industries. Clarity is the only Token Sale harnessing artificial intelligence and blockchain to bridge the gap between small business owners, accountants and advisors, and institutional investors in one platform.

The public pre-sale on November 3rd 2018 (12:00 UTC) starts with 40,000,000 CLRTY tokens (ERC20). With a two stage pre-sale structure, Clarity will reward those who purchase early in the pre-sale, ensuring future demand for the CLRTY token through the mass global market of small business owners. Those who whitelist on will receive 2500 CLTRY / 1 ETH in round one, which drops to 1500 CLTRY / 1 ETH in round two. The general public Token Sale will start after the public pre-sale, selling 80,000,000 CLRTY tokens at a starting rate of 1000 CLRTY / 1 ETH.

The Clarity team are breaking down the boundaries of traditional accounting practise by creating an inspired one-stop-shop platform fuelled by modern technology and tried and tested methods. The leadership team unite in their vision of a world where Clarity is on every business owners device, and the CLRTY token being the token of choice for entrepreneurs.