Props ICO Review.

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Props Review

Props is a many to many video network, where everybody can interact with everybody. It already operates an online video community YouNow which has an Alexa rank of 3,438.

You can think of props as a mix between Youtube, Snapchat and Facebook with a strong crypto economy that incentives content creators to build content, developers to build applications and viewers to use applications and interact with them.

The Audience can also interact with each other while, for example, scoring their friends in a karaoke contest.

Props are many to many video platform. It is a platform because other video applications will be built on it. At the end of 2018, any developer will be able to build video-centric apps. These can include shows and games.

The application looks similar to Google hangouts where users can converse with each other. However, there is a strong element of sending digital gifts and Propos tokens to one another.

Props will build a developer-friendly back end and a user-friendly front end in order to create a mass consumer product. The developer backend will be supported with the latest video stack which powers the whole network. Props objective is to decentralise the video creation, delivery and development process. While they will be a primary actor for sometime eventually even governance can be decentralised.

The first application Raise will be launched in January 2018, this app is currently being tested by 2,000 beta testers. The proof of concept app will show what the video streaming network is capable of. In 2018 three other applications being developed by the Props team.

Why is YouTube popular? Because of its content. The viewers are only partially loyal to the YouTube brand. The content is their primary motivation to visit the site.

Props are in discussion with world leading you tubers to on-board them on the platform. These content creators, with millions of followers have an incentive to switch because Google takes around 40% of their advertising revenue. Props will take nothing, all the revenue will go to the creators. The incentive for props time to continue developing the platform and serving the infrastructure is because they will have a portion of Propos tokens which will increase in value the more users, content creators and advertises join the props vide network.

Props will be an important gateway to cryptocurrency world for many new users who do not know or have not experienced cryptocurrencies. Their friends and followers can send those Props tokens and these can be converted into FIAT. The wallet functionality will be transparent to the users and in fact they can leave their Props untouched.

The system will keep showing them their Props balance and FIAT equivalent; obviously when this become substantially users will access their wallet. There will be functionality to move the Props tokens to coin base account, probably via integration with Chanel or a similar application.

With the Props token users will be able to pay for Premium and ad-free content, tip content producers and developers will find creative ways to incentive video streams which allow for the payment of Props to their creators.


Props definitely has potential, it is an organisation with 40 plus employees and has a huge seed community. Imagine what a YouTube coin would be worth.

The competition (YouTube and Facebook) will not sit idly while watching their best content creators slip away, now that YouTube is not the only game in town, competition will change the pricing as it always does.

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