Symmetry Fund: Making Exposure To The Cryptocurrency Market Simple. (Read Warnings)

  • This is not financial advice this is our opinion.
  • staff are not financial advisors.
  • This is not a buy, sell or hold recommendation.
  • Do your own research before you invest in anything including this project.
  • This article/interview is not a suggestion or an endorsement of this ICO.
  • This article/interview has been published for free and has not been commissioned by anyone.
  • staff have participated in this ICO, although this should not be taken as a recommendation to participate or not. We have invested a sum we can afford to lose.
  • Your capital as at extreme risk and you can lose it all when investing in ICOs and cryptos.
  • does not have the resources, the means or the expertise to verify to what extent the information below is correct.
  • An anonymous user has made a detailed report about the possibility of this being a scam, I have suggested to Symmetry to make a youtube interview to discredit these claims. If they do I will add a link to this video here. This could also be FUD, always do your own due diligence.
  • Update 27/01/2018: – The Symmetry telegram group has been shut down this is a red flag. Please be careful out there.
  • Please discuss this with your local financial advisor before you invest.


The symmetry interview has been removed, pending the claims against it being a scam are cleared.