Repux: Monetizing SME Data On The Blockchain.

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Interview with Tomasz Tybon, Chief Growth Officer of RepuX.

What problem is Repux solving?
RepuX is involved in solving Big Data related problems, more specifically we aim to make use of data owned by small and medium business and make it available to interested parties through the creation of a marketplace. The data can then be used to create decentralised AI applications and insights that can improve these business operations.

What kind of data will be sold on RepuX?
Medium and small business owned data of all kinds related to all markets. Examples would include sales data, product data, advertising, financial data. This type of data would not available to the tech giants like Alibaba or Google.

Who will be eligible to sell data?
All parties interested in selling their data to interested parties. We will be focusing primarily on small and medium business and later on enterprises.

Will there be a process to verify that the data is being sold is legit?

Tomasz Tybon

It will be up to the business to ensure that the data being upload is legal and that they have ownership of it. We require that the data be anonymised prior to being uploaded through the use of our plugin, API or by the business itself. If the data being uploaded is found to be infringing, we will block access to it through a multi signature decentralized storage process that we are working on.

How will the transferred data be structured?
It will be structured accordingly to different industries and then the data will be assigned to certain parameters. Then it can be consumed by developers in an API format.

Will the data being bought only be used for teaching AI algos, what about marketing, research and behavioural economics?
It will be used for creating a wide range of applications from inventory management software to predictive analytics to machine learning. We are excited to see the new edge cases that will come from the application of business data that is unlocked.

Can you compare RepuX to Datum and/or Streamr?
A Datum and Streamr is primarily focused on individual’s data and RepuX concentrates primarily on business data.

Where will the data that is for sale stored?
At this point in time, its stored via IPFS but eventually we will move to a decentralized multi sig storage system so that the SME data can be kept securely in a decentralized environment and also that we can potentially block access to if the data is infringing.

Can you tell us more about Repux nodes? (Repux masternodes)
In the future, we will be rewarding decentralized nodes with tokens to host the data, number of tokens would be based on the amount of data being hosted.

we would also be looking to reward nodes that have a high degree of security to them even though we intend to put in a multi signature decentralized storage solution.

If RepuX is a network who will make up the nodes of the network and what is their incentive to do so?
We will be providing nodes with tokens to facilitate this later on.

What is the utility of the REPUX token?
The utility of the REPUX token is to purchase data/ AI decentralized applications and algorithms within the RepuX platform. It provides access and is the only exchange of value within the platform.

What is the ICO timeline?
Token Sale starts on February 6th 2018 5pm UTC. And will last to March 9th 2018 5pm UTC.

What are the economics of the ICO?
At our pre-sale, our token is priced at 0.1. During general sale, the price of the token will be at 0.14 to 0.18. We have a supply of 500,000,000 tokens and there is no possibility to mine more.

Would you like to add further information?
A Unlike most blockchain startups, we have a live working platform at and also have signed a distribution deal with WorkHQ that will give us potential access to millions of SMEs in China.]

further information please visit:

We thank Tomasz Tybon for the interview.