Pundix: The Crypto POS

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Pundix is creating a network to make buying products with cryptocurrencies and buying cryptocurrencies seamless. They are doing this by creating a custom POS solution.

The POS systems being developed will have a single screen or double screen versions, the single screen version can be connected to a flat-screen TV.

The utility of the Pundix token is “gas” which is needed to use the POS X device and its functionality.

The Pundix POS device is able to 

  • Accept Cryptocurrency in exchange of FIAT and Goods
  • Accept FIAT in exchange for cryptocurrencies.
  • Manage Loyalty Schemes
  • Pay bills.

Token Economics:

  • 1 ETH = 500 PXS ($2 per token)
  • PXS is ERC 20 token
  • After the ICO there will be a token split from $2 to 0.002 per token
  • The largest bonus in the presale was 40%
  • HradCap: 35 million US Dollars

Pros for the Pundix ICO

  • Those who hold Pundix tokens will have airdropped more tokens in the next three years.  The airdrop will (hopefully) stabilise the price and will make the whales think twice before dumping the coins
  • The team of Pundi X already have a Pundi-Pundi credit system which is being used by 20,000 people.
  • The Pundi X Device will compete with Bitcoin ATMS, however, Bitcoin ATM face much more regulatory hurdles and are less mobile and more expensive.
  • A lot of crypto cards such as TenX depend on the VISA / Master card network and can be shut out of the system anytime VISA sneezes. Pundi X will have their own network and cannot be shut down by visa or otherwise.
  • Pundi X plans to distribute 50,000 devices in 2018 / 2019 with 100,000 devises in the next 3 years.
  • The POS device is easy to use for all kind of shops: pop-up shops and the mobile salesman
  • Plans to integrate the Pundi X system with existing hardware wallets
  • The interest of Pundi X POS will be delivered on a global basis, this reduces the risk in case anyone country decides to block cryptos.

Cons for the Pundix ICO:

  • Investing in ICOs is very risky.
  • Investing in cryptocurrency is in general risky as the regulators are taking a negative stance towards them.
  • BelugaPay (Affiliate link / Not an endorsement or recommendation to invest) (which have their own ICO), already have an established payment network.
  • The focus seems to be on Cryptocurrencies. The threat of a global ban on cryptos exists. (So contact your legislators to make sure that this does not happen please!)
  • Pundi X is dependent on Ethereum. With its current transaction limitations
  • People resident or national in the US, China and Malaysia cannot participate in the ICO.
  • Their specific POS system needs to be used for their system to work.
  • I am not sure how many people want to spend their crypto, most want to hodl their tokens and spend their fiat. (For more on this phenomenon see Gresham’s Law )
  • Moving and exchanging most crypto needs fees, while this is not the case with FIAT.


Pundi X have very big objectives, if they fulfil their coffers with $30 million USD they will have the financial backing to do so. Managing a multi-million dollar budget requires many skills including HR, R and D, Development, Purchasing etc. There is no definite proof that the team has these skills. On the positive side if the roadmap is implemented, then Pundi X will become the go-to POS system for crypto, this will give them an opportunity to vertically integrate other payment network increasing the value of their network.

!!!!Do your own research before you participate in this ICO!!!!!