HODL Fund Review: A Crypto Fund Of More Than 20 Cryptocurrencies.


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Interview with Marq Marti CEO of the HODL fund.

Disclaimer: this is not investing advice. Potential token holders should be familiar with the crypto markets and know the risks associated with ICOs.

Who are the team behind HODL Fund?

We are a team of three co-founders: Jordi, the CEO; Marq, the CMO; and Biel, the CTO. Jordi and Biel are developers and Marq is a tech entrepreneur.

What are the objectives of the fund?

The goal of the HODL Fund is to let people expose to the whole crypto market without having to hold 20+ cryptocurrencies and tokens, so people can just buy and forget. One token to HODL them all!

In which country is the Crypto fund registered?

The HODL Fund is in process of being incorporated to the Cayman Islands, more information coming soon.

Can you provide links to the teams/advisers twitter accounts and their linked in accounts?


What are the elements in this ICO that increase the trust of investors in the project?

Marq Marti

HODL Fund is truly committed to transparency. First of all, we openly say that we are not the typical fund team with 30+ years experience at Goldman Sachs, an MBA and an IVY degree. Instead, we proudly consider ourselves as a team of newcomers following the startup and crypto culture. Some people may think that this is our main weakness but at the same time we consider that it’s our very first principle, our identity. We believe that we will be able to move faster than bigger funds.

Following this commitment to transparency and thanks to the blockchain technology, token-holders will be able to see the underlying crypto assets data in real time.

In addition, one of the key features of the HODL token is that it has a built-in withdraw option, letting token holders receive their shares in ether on demand.

Will there be independent security audits on the coins held by the fund?

Our intention is to have audits on both the safe presence of the hardware wallets and the smart-contract.

How are staking/dividends of the coins held by the fund managed?

We will do staking whenever is possible. We will reinvest the dividends, if any, following the same investing and trading strategy.

Will the Hold Crypto fund release dividends or will the funds be reinvested?

No dividends, the funds will be reinvested. However, the token-holders will be able to trade HODLs on different exchanges or trigger the withdraw option of the smart-contract (24/7).

How is the index of the funds composed?

We will follow a hybrid approach. The fund will be basically an index fund of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. At least the 80% of the fund will passively track the top 20 cryptocurrencies using traditional rebalancing formulae (FTSE Russel’s capping methodology).

A small percentage of the fund will be allocated to ICO investing and altcoin trading. At most this will represent the 20% of the fund, depending on the opportunities that we might find. As a fund, we could get pre-sale discounts and volume-based discounts.

How frequently is the index rebalanced?


When are the management fees charged?

1% annually.

What are the requirements for investors to invest in the Crypto fund?

Following the KYC compliance and other regulations, non-accredited US investors and RSA and Caymand Islands citizens are NOT eligible for the token sale. The minimum investment for the pre-sale is 10K USD (up to 10% discount over the ICO), only 100$ for the ICO.

What are the key differences between Hodl Crypto Fund and similar funds?

HODL Fund is not the first crypto index fund. However, we believe that there is still demand for more crypto funds, since investors are paying huge premiums to buy tokens of the existing funds and we can see that in the traditional finance there are many more index funds and ETFs, so it may be just the beginning.

The built-in, 24/7, on-demand withdrawal option is one of the key features of the HODL token. Also, our fees are low (no exit fees, no broker fees, 1% annual management fee) and you can gain exposure to 20+ cryptocurrencies, promising ICOs and altcoins.

We attach a table with the comparison.

How will the fund choose the ICOs in which it will invest?

We want to take advantage of the fact that as a fund we might be able to obtain pre-sale discounts in promising ICOs.

What are your thoughts on the crypto crash of February 2018?

The crypto markets appear to follow a certain pattern: bubble -> crash -> bubble -> … However, at every iteration, the top highs appear to be higher. Crashes may help to ‘clean’ the crypto markets and make crypto more antifragile.

Would you like to add further information?

We are developing a proprietary software solution that will work as our internal trading engine, connected to many different exchanges.

For more information please visit: http://www.hodlfund.io

We thank Marq Marti for the interview.