EPILLO Health Offers A Unique Ecosystem Of Health And Fitness Industries With Cryptocurrency

Epillo Health Systems OÜ is a healthcare and fitness company founded in 2020. Originating out of Europe, the Epillo Health Group focuses on consumer health and fitness with its ventures in Digital Therapeutics, Digital-Health, Retail Health & Medicine,  health-food and fitness. The company seeks to democratize this sector by reducing the healthcare barriers and providing quality care, increasing efficiency and access to care, and improving patient satisfaction to define the next era of this industry. To achieve its aim, the company takes the assistance of the cutting edge blockchain technology.


Shortly after being incorporated, the company began its medical research and conducted vast research on blockchain based drug-drug interactions and drug-food interactions to reduce the adverse drug effects (ADEs) arising in the society due to multiplicity of drugs being consumed in daily life. The research led to a groundbreaking discovery and development of a new technology, a Digital Therapeutics software based out of “System And Method for Blockchain Based Digital Therapeutic Devices To Predict Food-Drug Constituent Interaction”. Epillo Health Systems filed for a patent for this tech, and in June 2022, the company received its initial publication vide and was gazette by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. Additionally, Sagacious IP, an international consultancy agency which specializes in intellectual property and the valuation of companies, appraised the patent at a staggering valuation of 150 million dollars.

In September 2021, the company formed Epillo Health Systems Private Limited in India. Through this company, Epillo established Asia’s first health, medicine and nutrition retail center in April 2022 – Epillo HealthHUB. This retail center offers a unique combination of a Pharmacy, Doctor Consultation, Lab Testing including detailed Genomic testing, over the counter health, fitness and wellness products along with a in-house Health-food brand called Freshwey. Patients and customer data is in the form of Electronic Health Records through the mobile application – Epillo Health Mate. The HealthHUB also provides its users to obtain online doctor consultation services from their home.

Epillo Health Systems OÜ has also focused on research and development in the spectrum of blockchain based Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to the extensive user cases and potential solutions that this technology could bring to the health and fitness industry, the company launched Epillo.io in August 2022, to represent the Blockchain vertical of Epillo Health Systems wherein the cutting-edge blockchain technology has been harnessed to develop a disruptive IoT wearable range – Fitmint Wear. This first-of-its-kind blockchain based smartwatch – Fitmint Wear Pro, aims to offer a unique approach to how we use and store our fitness and health data. This wearable solution will also offer a decentralized mobile application with features like NFT authentication, storing health data on chain, decentralized finance, NFT marketplace, health and fitness product marketplace. 


Consumer Healthcare

Epillo focuses on providing solutions in four main areas in the health and fitness industry. The first one is regarding consumer healthcare, where the company successfully launched HealthHUB as a one-of-a-kind place to offer multiple solutions to multiple problems. By combining pharmacies, clinics, path labs, personal care products, and fresh health food and beverages; patients could easily obtain all the things they need in their road to recovery from an illness that has been diagnosed.

Health-Tech and Digital Health

The Health-Tech and Digital Health industry could be greatly improved. The processing of patients is complicated, and sometimes delayed by unnecessary processes. Epillo aims to provide a connected care service through the usage of electronic health records, mobile apps for patients and providers and virtual care, patients could easily share and access important medical information that could expedite their medical treatment exponentially. The technology developed by Epillo uses blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence, and patent-filed digital-health technologies including digital therapeutics for medication and chronic disease management.

Health Food and Beverages 

Nutrition has been proven to be one of the main things that could cause various diseases. By improving our nutrition with the right products, patients could easily improve their overall health and even their response to certain treatments. Epillo has created Freshwey, an all-in-one store for patients to improve their well-being through the consumption of healthy, preservative-free, artificial sugar-free and organic fresh-batch food and beverages options.

Blockchain Health and Fitness

The most recent endeavor for Epillo is in the blockchain health and fitness sector. By harvesting the advantages of blockchain technology, the company has developed the first of its kind IoT smart-wearable device which offers data privacy, security, transparency and incentivizes people to become healthier. Powered with the revolutionary blockchain technology, FitMint Wear is nearly impossible to hack and lets you experience privacy at its best.


Epillo Health Systems OÜ will launch an exclusive early bird sale on October 30th, 2022. This is an opportunity to enter the vast and futuristic Epillo ecosystem and contribute to their future developments.

If you wish to know more about Epillo, or their private sale, please visit the following website: www.epillo.io