Seattle Tech Duo Ventures Into Financial Planning Software

Nirav Shah and Jorge Sanchez, well-known names in Seattle’s tech space, are setting sail on a fresh endeavor. Fresh off their success with Alertive Healthcare, which Carbon Health acquired in 2021, the duo has now set their sights on the world of personal finance. Splurging a sum close to $1 million, they’ve clinched a majority stake in the financial planning website, PhysicianonFire.

PhysicianonFire isn’t your run-of-the-mill finance website. Established in 2016 by Leif Dahleen, the platform specifically crafts its financial advice and tools for individuals in high-earning brackets. From insightful pieces on handling student debt-induced burnout to the nitty-gritty of personal finance and business planning, the platform aims to equip users with the knowledge to stride confidently towards the coveted F.I.R.E. goal – standing for “Financial Independence, Retire Early.”

Interestingly, Dahleen is a testament to the potential of this movement. He kissed his anesthesiologist career goodbye at just 43, embodying the essence of PhysicianonFire’s mission. While Dahleen will continue to lend his expertise to the platform post-acquisition, he has hinted at an eventual departure.

With Shah and Sanchez at the helm, PhysicianonFire is poised for expansion. The duo is passionate about not just the traditional path to financial freedom, but also the roads less traveled, such as entrepreneurship. “Our journey towards financial independence has been a blend of conventional wisdom and unique avenues, including entrepreneurship,” shared Shah. This sentiment echoes their intention to infuse the platform with a broader range of personal financial management tools.

For users, this spells exciting times. The platform is gearing up to launch a slew of digital tools designed to simplify tasks that often send most of us into a tizzy: tax planning, strategic investing, and deft debt management.

PhysicianonFire is no fledgling operation. It boasts a user base exceeding 40,000, catering to professionals spanning healthcare, dentistry, and the legal realm. Its revenue streams primarily flow from advertisements and affiliate partnerships. However, with the imminent launch of new software tools, an uptick in revenue generation is anticipated.

Shah, beyond this venture, wears multiple hats – he’s a venture partner at Newfund and also lends his expertise to Carbon Health as an advisor. Sanchez, on the other hand, brings invaluable medical insights, having previously donned the role of chief medical officer at Alertive Healthcare. He, too, is currently an advisor at Carbon Health. They are joined in their mission by digital maven Vinci Palad, who comes with a rich background in digital media and e-commerce. Currently, the startup runs lean, with a tight-knit team of five.

In sum, as PhysicianonFire gets ready to redefine personal finance for high earners, the industry waits with bated breath. With Shah, Sanchez, and Palad steering the ship, this venture is one to watch.