Every AI Powered App For Self Reflection And Human Connection

In today’s fast-paced world, establishing meaningful connections and fostering self-reflection can be challenging. Enter Every, an AI-powered app by Ben McKean, founder of Hungryroot, designed to aid you in this journey. Every, a non-profit app, employs AI to create thought-provoking games focused on self-discovery and human connection. Through various activities, it encourages you to explore your inner self, understand your values, and find common ground with others. Let’s explore Every’s key features and benefits.

Background: Ben McKean, CEO of Hungryroot, recognized AI’s potential to enhance personal connections while improving businesses. Every, born from this realization, leverages AI to foster deeper relationships with oneself and others.

AI Technologies for Self-Improvement: AI has transformed industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and entertainment. McKean saw AI’s potential for self-reflection and human connection.

Introduction to Every: Every operates as a non-profit, emphasizing its mission over profits. It offers AI-powered games to foster self-discovery and human connection.

Inner Odyssey Game: The “Inner Odyssey” game lets you select a photo representing your exploration. Follow-up questions delve into your journey, and you can compare responses with others. It helps connect you with contacts who answered similarly, forging deeper relationships.

Addressing Disconnectedness: Loneliness and disconnection affect many. Every tackles these issues by promoting self-reflection, empathy, and understanding.

AI Technology in Every: Every uses AI to create engaging games. It collaborates with inspirational leaders to ensure games are relevant and insightful.

Game Releases and Themes: Every releases a new game daily, each themed differently. This variety caters to diverse interests.

Inspirational Content: After games, Every offers inspirational videos based on your responses, covering various personal growth topics.

Map Feature: The “Map” feature visualizes your traits based on game points. It helps you understand yourself and find common ground with others.

Launch and Availability: Every underwent beta testing and is now available on the App Store for free, without in-app purchases. It aims to provide accessible self-reflection and connection without financial barriers.

Conclusion: Every, the AI-powered app, fosters self-discovery and human connection. With a focus on accessibility and personal growth, it addresses the challenges of disconnection and loneliness in our modern world. Whether you seek deeper relationships or self-discovery, Every guides you every step of the way.