MotherShip: A CryptoCurrency Exchange Being Built In Estonia.

Mothership is a new token market, exchange, cloud hosting platform and wallet providing blockchain financial services around the Estonian e-Residency program. The platform will be available to everyone, but e-Residents will make out the most of it. In this interview, Arseniy Zarechnev the founder of MotherShip gives us more light on this project.

What are the core problems that Mothership would like to solve?

Our mission is to make Estonia the best place for blockchain companies. We are partnering

Arseniy Zarechnev. Founder Mothership

with the e-Residency team to build a quick and easy KYC process for both individuals and companies. Our token market will provide businesses with a platform to launch their ICO, accept payments in multiple currencies, get legal help and get verified quickly on our exchange. The exchange will provide them with a link between their banks and cryptocurrency markets.

For individuals, we are focusing on exceptional support and again, a quick KYC process.

How long has this project been in development?

The project is at an early stage, we have a prototype of the exchange, but it’s still a long way to go until the release. We have also established partnerships and are actively hiring now. We are aiming to build a transparent company, so you can learn more about the progress from our roadmap (

ICO Distribution

What are the key factors that will make Mothership “A state-of-the-art digital asset exchange with a focus on security”?

The founders have more than sixteen years of experience in tech and know how to build products and deliver. We aim to build an exchange that will hold up to the highest standards of availability and security.

What is Estonian e-Residency, and why does it facilitate business?

It’s a digital identity that anyone in the world can get from an Estonian embassy. With an e-Residency card, you can incorporate, get a bank account and run your business entirely online. Estonia is a very progressive country with an open government willing to work together with businesses. The Estonian tax system is pretty unique, with 0% corporate tax, encouraging you to reinvest profits in the company growth. Lear more: Estonia e-Residency

When will the ICO start?

The ICO is being held on the Ethereum platform and starts at block height 3,989,100, which is roughly 5:45pm UTC on 7th July, 2017.

What is the functionality of the token issued during the ICO?

The token will reduce your fees on our exchange and grant you access to priority support, pro trading features like advanced order types and early access to our products.
We are committing to buy back our token from the markets with 20% of our trading fees. All tokens bought this way will be permanently destroyed. We will do that until there’s a supply of 100,000,000 MSP (50%) left in circulation.

MotherShip RoadMap

The Whitepaper states: “When users you referred during the crowd sale sign up for Mothership, you will receive referral rewards for them too” – What is the total amount or % that token holder gets when a user that is referred by them to the ICO?

Investors get 5% on all confirmed buys from people who came with your link. This additional token amount is taken from a designated referral fund. The remaining tokens will be distributed among top referral program participants.

Coin Details:

Token price: 1 ETH = 5800 MSP
Symbol: MSP
Total supply: 200,000,000
Minimal goal: 50,000,000 MSP sold
Unsold tokens: All unsold tokens will be destroyed permanently when crowdsale ends.

For more information please visit:

Mothership ICO