The Crypto Improvement Fund: Using Cryptocurrencies To Increase Business Profits.

Interview with Scott Douglas, founder of Crypto improvement fund.

What are the objectives of Crypto improvement fund? 

The Crypto Improvement Fund aims to accomplish one simple task – aid businesses in understanding and incorporating cryptocurrency into their existing environment. We will be educating businesses on the practical applications of cryptocurrency and decentralized ledger as well as the potential ROI tied to integrating Cryptocurrency into their existing eCommerce environment. We will offer cryptocurrency SaaS products as well as blockchain education and consultation. Showing them on how to cut costs and increase operational efficiency through the use of blockchain and decentralized ledger.

There is a huge market of cryptocurrency owners which would like to spend their cryptos directly with businesses. Businesses serving these customers will have an advantage, accessing a niche market with a market cap of over 200B dollars. The Crypto Improvement Fund will learn with every business implementation and will fine tune their SAAS offering – tailoring them to each specific business client. CIF (Crypto Improvement Fund) will promote general cryptocurrency adoption all while aligning their name with F500 companies – aiding in cryptocurrency adoption and acceptance, industry wide.

What is the state of cryptocurrency adoption in Canada? 

Cryptocurrency adoption in Canada is on pace with the rest of world when it comes to adoption. Our government is a little bit more lenient towards cryptocurrency projects than some other federal bodies however this hasn’t spilled over into the retail/ eCommerce space. With only 5 of the top 500 online merchants accepting cryptocurrency on a global scale – we still have alot of work to do.

What are the barriers to further adoption? 

Education is the largest barrier to adoption. We have to help individuals and corporate entities understand what cryptocurrency is, the benefits, regulatory considerations and potential ROI of cryptocurrency.

How can these barriers be turned into opportunities? 

Through education, we can not only educate businesses on benefits cryptocurrency brings, but also allow us to sell a variety of products and services to them. We have cryptocurrency educators on board who can explain how business can profit from cryptocurrency in a safe, inexpensive way.

What are the specific skills needed to do the above? 

We have to bring a qualified team and place them in front of businesses. We have to operate in the same manor as any other corporate entity and remove the smoke and mirrors from the industry. Our hope is that with a sound business plan and industry experts we can get speak to businesses on their level and help them understand, and trust how cryptocurrency can benefit them.

Who is the team behind Crypto improvement fund and what do they bring to this project?

Our team is comprised of tenured individuals who have extensive experience in business sales, marketing growth and strategy as well as software and blockchain development.

Board of Directors

Scott Douglas – Founder

Seasoned business strategist and advisor with a passion for bleeding edge technologies. Scott has worked with several high profile companies such as Cisco, Bell, Avaya and NEC. He has worked in the enterprise space, consulting on complex networking, telecommunication and SAAS projects.

Joseph Lambert – Board Member

In Mr. Lambert ‘s career he has worked for several major Wall Street  money management firms that had in excess of $10 billion of assets under management. At those firms he served on the investment committee providing analysis and research, managed portfolio’s, and managed marketing efforts.

Duane Parnham – Board Member

Duane B. Parnham has a record of success in corporate development,  regulatory compliance for publicly listed companies, geological and environmental consultation and corporate finance to the hydrocarbon and mining industry. During his career, Mr. Parnham has developed and foundedseveral resource focused companies including Giyani Gold Corp., Canoe Mining Ventures Corp., UNX Energy Corp., Forsys Metals Corp., Angus Mining

(Namibia) Inc., and Temex Resources Corp.

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How have the members of this team created a revenue stream from Cryptocurrency projects in the past?

Joseph Lambert, Duane Parnham – Have raised millions in startup capital through successful IPO’s and various private investments.

Devvie Nuls – Starting with “This Week’s Coin” back in 2013, she has promoted many coins over the past four years – helping raise thousands of BTC for exciting blockchain projects. She most recently helped promote GRWI in which she helped take their project from conceptualization to implementation, successfully achieving their investment threshold of 200

BTC. BtcLtcDigger – Has created many of the major coins you currently see traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, today.

What products or services will be sold to business?

  • Custom Blockchains (Ready for deployment)
  • Investment Platform
  • Wallet Applications (Ready for deployment)
  • Enhanced Wallet Applications (Branded, eCommerce integration)
  • Business Dashboards
  • Business eCommerce Integration (Under Development)
  • Meraki Turnstyle Integration
  • Blockchain Training
  • Blockchain Consulting

In what stage are these products? 

We have the ability to create blockchains, and wallets on a per order basis as per specific business requirements.*

We are currently working on our eCommerce integration API which will be

ready for sale Q1 2018*

We have hired cryptocurrency consultants and educators – available for consulting & training services Q1 2018.

Where is CIF Ltd registered? 

Toronto, Ontario – Canada

How long has CIF Ltd been in operation?

The concept has been in the works for over a year now. We are currently in our Series A funding phase (ICO) with hopes of going live January 1st, 2018.


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We thank Scott Douglas for the interview.