Should You Share Your FIRE Plans? [Idy On Fire]

We all know the common phrase “sharing is caring” but when we share something with someone else, does it immediately translate to caring? Should you share your FIRE plans and winning with friends and family?

In this, we will explore the responses these Redditors got after sharing their Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E) plans and if you can relate, let me know in the comments below.

  1. Skeptical_remark said, “they mostly roll their eyes at me and say you’re so naive” way. She goes on to say that she got the same treatment when she opened up about her plans to pay off her student loans. But got supports when she finally did pay them off.
  2. Wayoverpaid had a slightly different experience here. He shared just a vague part of his financial status and how much he has saved up in preparation to retire only to have these people threaten him to invest in their business or else their business will go under and their kid will starve.
  3. Dex248 says, “years ago I told my sister about the 100k I saved up. A month later she asked to borrow 25k for a backyard pool. What would you do if you were in dex248’s position? He, however, ignored her, but since then she’s been constantly whining about her money problems.
  4. Kaytlyn38 writes that when she was younger, everyone would complain about her frugal life and say things like: “Why do you drive such a shitty car? or Why won’t you go out with us?” She goes on to say that now she is all saved up and financially free, they say, “Wow, how’d YOU get so rich?”
  5. FIREis Near2018 says “every time I update the Mrs. she see’s it as an opportunity to spend!!! Seriously”. Continues to say, “I have stopped updating her“

I hope you had a good laugh and know that you are not alone in your FIRE struggles. While a lot of these Redditors did not have positive outcomes in sharing their financial independence, retire early journey with others, your story might be different. So sound off in the comments section and I’ll be reading.  

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