How To Save Money On Credit Cards [Idy On Fire]

Did you know that an average person has about 3 credit cards? YES!!!

I have credit cards, you have credit cards, we all have credit cards. But, do you know how to save money with your credit card?  No? Never wondered?

Keep reading to find out 3 credit card hacks to help you save money starting from today and bring you out of that credit card debt.

  • Sign-up Bonuses: Most credit card companies offer sign-up bonuses to entice new customers. Seriously, what you need to do is, take full advantage of these offers. Bonuses could come in forms of additional credit points, cash back or other cool rewards.  You can check out Credit for more. Now, don’t forget that a lot of these bonuses come with a minimum spend requirement within a certain time period, so it’s important to plan your spending budget ahead, before you sign-up.


  • Lower Interest Rates:  In order to reach your financial goal, aim at paying less interest on credit cards every month. If you are working on getting out of debt, you can call your credit card company to see if they can reduce the interest rate. It sometimes takes time to see results, but keep calling and it will be well worth it. You can also transfer the balances to an interest- free credit card to help you save while you are paying off your debt.


  • Pay Bills In Full: One of the best things that can happen to you as a credit card freak, is to avoid paying interest on Credit cards. So paying your credit card bills in full every month will help you bypass accumulated interest.


Now you know how to take advantage of those credit card ads. Don’t forget, getting sign-up bonuses, calling your credit card companies to lower the interest rates and paying your bills in full and on time will make a huge difference in saving money using credit cards.

Of course, if you can avoid owning a credit card, you definitely should.

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