C3C And Multiversum Blockchain – The Future Of Online Content On Blockchain 4.0

With blockchain technology, we are looking at a future where data is secure and immutable.  Many industries are going to be disrupted by blockchain but the advertising industry will be among the first.

C3C is a new initiative that wants to connect creators, consumers, and advertisers. C3C plan to achieve this by creating a decentralized platform with three pillars:

  1. Direct rewards for content creators by consumers.
  2. Giving consumers control back of their own data, and allowing them to monetize their data.
  3. Allowing advertisers to connect with their customers directly, cutting out intermediaries.

The C3C token will be the main currency used in the process, and participants will get the opportunity to store it for staking in the blockchain’s wallet.

When C3C sought a partner for the blockchain part of the ecosystem, Multiversum was the obvious choice.

Why? Because Multiversum puts people at the center of its ideology and has impressive green credentials. Multiversum is a fourth-generation relational database which is flexible and capable of handling complex data structures on the blockchain. The Multiversum blockchain is brand new and built specifically with the innovative solutions a 4th generation blockchain needs to offer: chain splitting, scalability, data sequencing, and parallelism.

Transactions on Multiversum are completed faster than you can blink, at 0.2 seconds. That’s a far cry from current transaction speeds of other blockchains, and integral to the requirements of an advertising ecosystem. The database’s performance is impressive at 64k TPS (1000 per core TPS), with low power consumption as Proof of Integrity is used in computing.

C3C, which is currently in the midst of its pre-sale, chose Multiversum to host its blockchain because, as co-founder and COO Rafael Vieira says:

C3C needs a blockchain that delivers security and scalability. It is no longer enough to have one without the other. With this partnership, we can look forward to an exciting future for our platform. And this is good news for everyone involved in creating, reading or disseminating online content. With C3C, the creator, the publisher, and the advertiser all benefit from being part of the token ecosystem.

C3C launched earlier this year with a successful airdrop, which has brought the project to the attention of over 15,000 members of the crypto community. Already operating two successful websites, CryptoCoin.News and InvestItIn.com, the team behind the project are excited about what the future holds. A public pre-sale for C3C tokens is currently ongoing, with an ICO coming later this summer.

Andrea Taini, the founder of Multiversum and a software architect with more than a decade of experience in government, financial, and telecommunications industries, is also joining C3C’s advisory board. He said:

“I’m excited to see what C3C is doing and that Multiversum can play a role in it. The next generation of advertising needs a next-generation blockchain.”

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