A Growing Economy Under The Radar: Cosplay Is Ready To Be On Blockchain

Cosplay refers to the practice of donning the same costumes as characters from a book, game, movie, comic book or Japanese manga and anime. Cosplay was initially only popular with comic book fans and Japanese manga fans but the popularity has slowly risen. Comic book conventions or fan meet-ups have increased the popularity of cosplay.

The industry has quickly risen to a multibillion-dollar industry worth over $45 billion worldwide. The bustling industry has created employment for creative cosplay designers, artists, and photographers while allowing fans to appreciate their favorite characters by donning their outfits. At the moment, the industry has officially become a mainstay of the entertainment niche all over the world.

The industry can be generally subdivided into two. First are the creators or players who include career cosplayers, photographers, and cosplay prop makers who supply most of the ideas and characters. Second are the viewers, corporations, fans and information suppliers. Like any industry, the cosplay industry has a lot of potential, especially when it comes to marketing and brand creation.

Challenges in the cosplay industry

The industry has been growing at a tremendous rate, but the Cosplay Token developers realized that there are numerous challenges curtailing the growth to some extent. They include:

  1. Lack of settlement accounts – The cosplay industry is a global industry but there exists no dedicated payment method that can be used to settle payments in different regions. Additionally, many cosplay fans are in their teens and they do not have access to credit cards and other payment methods.
  2. Issues with revenue sharing – sharing revenue in the cosplay industry is difficult due to a lack of a specific market where revenues can be shared based on the copyrights. As a result, few prop makers and other players have been able to get legitimate rewards.
  3. Lack of transparency – There is an evident lack of transparency especially when corporations use players in the cosplay industry for advertisement campaigns and other purposes. The lack of transparency means that cosplayers are often taken advantage of by corporations.
  4. Lack of monetization – Cosplay prop makers and artists spend time and money to recreate outfits of their favorite characters. However, there is no specific method where these talents can be actualized and monetized. As such, most of them do it for fashion purposes.
  5. Lack of a global platform – Finally, language barriers are a problem when people from different countries want to interact. As a result, cosplay fans have not been able to create a global community for themselves.

How Cosplay can benefit from blockchain

The Cosplay token developers realized that the industry can benefit greatly from blockchain technology. They created the Cosplay Token that provides a tokenized blockchain-based platform for the Cosplay industry. Already we have over 720,000 members from 180 different countries. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Transparency – As a blockchain-based platform, Cosplay Token uses a decentralized ledger that provides full transparency for all the users on the platform. This prevents one part from taking advantage of cosplay players and prop makers.
  2. Security – As a blockchain-based platform, all transfers of payments will be secured from theft by hackers. The platform also prevents fraud and incomplete payments using smart contracts that protect cosplay enthusiasts using the platform.
  3. Player developed tokens – The platform supports the creation of tokens by players in the industry allowing them to monetize their talents and expertise. This provides the elusive opportunity for many to earn from the cosplay industry.
  4. Low volatility and high liquidity – The low volatility and high liquidity will ensure that Cosplay Token is not affected by drastic price fluctuations, making it a stable investment option for cryptocurrency traders.
  5. Digital membership and language support – The platform will provide digital membership to cosplay enthusiasts to give them a community that they can rally. Multiple languages will be supported to allow people from different parts of the world to create a truly global cosplay community.

The cosplay token will revolutionize the Cosplay industry by bringing the robustness and transparency of the blockchain industry to the fold. Already, there has been positive response from major stakeholders in the cosplay industry who believe in Cosplay Token.

You can join the community by taking part in the upcoming crowdsale scheduled for 29th July starting at 00:00 UTC and running till 1st September 2018. The minimum purchase will be 0.02 ETH or 250 Cosplay Tokens (COT). There will be numerous early-bird bonuses offered on the platform for participants who lock their tokens in the escrow. The following table provides the bonuses you can get during the crowdsale.

Period Bonus
3 months 10 percent bonus
6 months 20 percent bonus
12 months 30 percent bonus
24 months 40 percent bonus


Join the Cosplay Token crowdsale and be part of the community in revolutionizing the cosplay industry. If you have any inquiries, you can reach the development team or customer representatives using the following links:

Official website: https://worldcosplay.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CureCosplay/

Twitter (English): https://twitter.com/WorldCosplayNet

Twitter (Japanese): https://twitter.com/curecos

Weibo: https://www.weibo.com/worldcosplay