Jagat Hits 10 Million Users Redefining Social Networking

In an era where social media often ties us to our screens, Jagat, a trailblazing social network, is redefining the game by encouraging real-life connections. Since its inception in March this year, Jagat has captivated a global audience, surpassing a remarkable 10 million users. This location-based platform isn’t just another social app; it’s a movement to get you actively engaging with friends and the world around you.

Available on iOS and Android, Jagat stands out with its interactive map interface. It’s more than a digital space; it’s a social map that keeps you connected with friends and buzzing activities nearby. Its functionality bears a resemblance to the now-defunct Zenly, but Jagat takes it a step further in fostering genuine, spontaneous interactions.

The brainchild of Barry Beagen, President, and CEO Loy Xing Zhe, Jagat’s roots are in Singapore and Indonesia. The founders’ journey began in December 2021 amidst advising on digital economy policies and delving into GameFi products. Their shared vision of challenging big tech and creating a Southeast Asian powerhouse capable of global influence laid Jagat’s foundation.

“We aimed to counter the passivity of mainstream social apps,” Beagen explains. “Jagat is about exploring the world, finding spontaneous ways to meet new friends, and enjoying real-life experiences like local concerts or basketball games.”

Jagat is more than an app; it’s a social ecosystem where users create their own virtual spaces, interacting through avatars. When you launch Jagat, your social map comes alive, showing friends’ locations in real-time, recording your visited places, and facilitating easy communication through messages, stickers, or updates.

This innovative platform is not stopping there. With plans to rival Facebook Groups, Jagat is developing features for organizing local events and discovering people with shared interests. It’s also expanding its horizon to global communities, connecting users beyond local confines.

Jagat’s ethos is clear: bring back the ‘social’ in social apps. “It’s about people, not just posts,” asserts Beagen. “We focus on real-time, unpolished updates, encouraging users to step out and engage with their world.”

This philosophy resonates strongly with its users, predominantly from Gen Z, who check the app around three to four times daily. The convenience of seeing where friends are post-school or work simplifies making plans, like grabbing dinner spontaneously.

Jagat’s universal appeal is evident. Since launching, it’s topped download charts across Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Spain, France, and Singapore. This global reach is a testament to its ability to speak across cultures and generations.

Following a successful Series A funding round in October, the details of which remain undisclosed, Jagat’s trajectory is set high. “Our goal is to become the default app for the next generation,” Beagen ambitiously states. “We’re not just about digital connections; we’re about enriching real lives, empowering creators, and transforming how businesses engage with communities.”

In conclusion, Jagat isn’t just another social network; it’s a paradigm shift in how we interact, connect, and experience life. Its rapid growth and ambitious plans signal a new chapter in social networking, where real-world connections reign supreme.