Dimitra $DMTR Enables Agri-Lending With A CeDeFi Approach

Belize City, Belize — Decentralized finance (DeFi) has upended traditional finance models across all industries. Dimitra, a leader in agritech and blockchain, has developed a novel and new approach to lending for farmers across the globe. With this new initiative, Dimitra’s token holders also stand to benefit from increased utilization of the Dimitra token across the Dimitra ecosystem and Dimitra token holders will also directly participate in making a difference to the farmers who need it most. Dimitra token holders stand to benefit from a strengthened agro value chain as the company launches its CeDeFi lending product.

Built on Global Lending Partnerships

Dimitra is a purpose-driven company with a unique mission of providing its agrotechnology platform to smallholder farmers globally. This mission is supported by the $DMTR token, which cryptocurrency investors can find on Kucoin, Gate, Bitmart and Uniswap.

Dimitra’s next step is CeDeFi lending, and Dimitra has partnered with countries across Asia, Africa and South America. Dimitra has established a few critical lending pilots with key partners and offers “input” lending to farmers and this will get the much-needed funds directly into the hands of those who need it the most.

Agrifinance Loans for Agricultural Inputs and Trade Finance

Dimitra agrifinance loans will initially be for agricultural “inputs” — including seed, chemicals, fertilizer, and trade finance. Combining this with the Dimitra Connected Farmer application will enable these agricultural cooperatives partners and farmers within these organizations to improve their production and better manage a complex value chain by helping with tracking and tracing of their products and livestock to international export markets while also having the positive effect of commanding better prices for their goods.

Loan Delivery

Dimitra agrifinance loans will be delivered through farming cooperatives, associations, and unions. They will go directly to farmers and include insurance that helps farmers mitigate the risk of default, climate change and natural disasters.

Dimitra Founder and CEO, Jon Trask, a subject matter expert in enterprise blockchain and emerging technology explains, “Smallholder farmers face a crisis of scarcity: their resources are ever-diminishing and their needs are ever-growing. Small, multi-generational farms are responsible for feeding local communities around the globe. As the climate crisis escalates, an existing environment of tension has reached a new level of severity.  Impoverished farmers are now faced with impossible circumstances and have no recourse or funds to dig themselves out. This is a problem that demands a solution.”

Trask understands that agricultural development is one of the most powerful mechanisms to ending extreme poverty. Compared to other sectors, agriculture is two to four times more effective in raising the incomes and living standards of the poorest people in the world.

Smallholder farmers with better access to financial support will have greater possibilities and opportunities to increase their profit and overall productivity on their farms.

Loan Goals = 50 Million Farmers

Dimitra has agreements in place with lending institutions to provide loans through farming cooperatives with over 50 million farmers. Dimitra is piloting these loans while testing related smart contracts in early 2022 and will begin scaling lending operations in the coming months. Dimitra has an immediate requirement to provide for 50,000 individual farm loans across a small group of farmers unions.

What to Expect

Token holders and members of the crypto investment community are watching this rollout closely. The company has confirmed that 100% of the income from loans will be traded through the $DMTR/USDT pair and remain within the Dimitra value chain. This is to include loan premiums and profits.

Here is how to get involved:

Buy $DMTR on Kucoin, Gate, Bitmart and Uniswap. Stake your Dimitra through the Dimitra portal. Reap the rewards.

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