ValhallaCoin Review: Your Bug-out Contract On The Blockchain

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Interview with Dr. Ken Baylor, member of the founding team at Valhalla.

Can you introduce yourself and your role in Valhalla? 

I’m one of the founding team at Valhalla Coin. At strange title, but really well suited for who we are and what we do. Our average team member has been top of their field for at least a decade, usually even more. We are talking US Navy SEALs, US Ambassador, Heads of Security for huge companies, Senior FBI official, just to scrape the surface. It’s a team of very motivated and talented individuals who gravitate to whatever needs to be done.
Generally I coordinate the team.

What problem is Valhalla trying to solve?

Valhalla Coin is disrupting the $2.5 TRILLION USD Life Insurance industry. The focus on that industry is to pay compensation to survivors when someone dies. We keep people alive.

If there’s a disaster (hurricane, typhoon, earthquake) we rush in to get contract holders and their families out alive. We are creating a marketplace for these services globally.
We also ensure people have somewhere safe to stay during the recovery period. We have multiple opportunities with hotel chains and other accommodation providers to provide these services on the marketplace.

Dr. Ken Baylor

We also extract people when there is a military conflict (think Syrian civil war, or potential issues in Korea) and political crackdowns (think Saudi Arabia).

The beauty of cryptocurrencies is that they are also highly aligned with what we do: In short, we get you out, keep you safe, while cryptocurrencies allow you to rebuild your life.
Without them, during crackdowns your bank accounts can be frozen, or when disaster strikes fiat currency often collapses (Syrian civil war caused a 90% drop in the value of their currency)

In brief who is the team and why are they the best suited to see the project through?

The team is world class. When you need people to get you out of a tight spot, there is no-one better than the US Navy SEALs. We are honored to have two of them on our founding team.
When we need to cooperate with law enforcement during emergencies, you need to have someone on-board who speaks their language: we have a very senior FBI veteran, plus an ex-Dept of Justice advisor.
When we need to these services abroad, we need Department of State expertise, and we have a senior US Ambassador on our team.
We focus on user privacy to keep contract holders safe and we have senior privacy and security people on the team. Even the service providers do not know the identities of those they will rescue when disaster strikes.
You really could not ask for a better team.

Will the Valhalla team be carrying out extractions or will these be subcontracted to third parties?

We will do both. In large scale emergencies we will oversee the contractors, coordinate with local emergency services, and problem solve as the situation on the ground will be unstable. Our US Navy SEALs do this exceptionally well. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How does Valhalla compare to any similar services?

There’s nothing close to this anywhere in the world. It’s one of the reasons we have received so much interest.

From which countries will extraction be possible?

We think in terms of scenarios. We are starting in the USA with scenarios such as California earthquakes and Atlantic Hurricanes. We are also looking at South Korea and Japan evacuations in the event of military conflicts. We plan on being operational in Europe, Asia and USA first, but we will go wherever we are needed.

How will contract holders contact Valhalla?

That will be detailed in their contracts. They will have a secure and reliable method of contacting their vendor, with a quick escalation path to us. Our goal is to save lives, so we are happy to drop everything and take care of our contract holders.

Is a Valhalla contract a one-time fee or an ongoing cost are there discounts for buying multiple years?

It will depend on the mechanics of the marketplace. It is possible to buy rescue services and post-rescue accommodation separately or as a bundle. For accommodation after a disaster, multi-year price discounts will be common. For evacuation services, the price will come down as more people use the service, so an annual contract may be the best option.

Does the contract stipulate a time from the call to extraction until the cavalry shows up?
It will depend on the nature of the emergency: e.g. a SF Bay earthquake can have contract holders rapidly evacuated by helicopters 10-20 miles away, but a severe one will require us to bring in those from Vegas which may add a few hours for transport and refuelling.

Is there an option to pay for extraction both before and after the event?

Yes, the smart move is to pre-pay for the contract, as during a disaster the prices will spike. The purchasing a new contract process would also be difficult to execute when there is no stable internet (although a remote third party could do it on your behalf).

Does the price depend on the country where extraction has taken place or does the contract offer worldwide coverage?

It will be market driven and so localized. That said, we are investigating solutions for when a contract holder needs an emergency evacuation when travelling.

What can you tell us about situations where individuals need extraction from situations from politically sensitive situations?

Yes, Saudi Arabia was a great example. The new Crown Prince arrested hundreds of Princes. Some were tortured to death, others died in gun battles. There have been tens of thousands of lower level officials who are in fear of their lives, but their passports are blacklisted from leaving the country, and their bank accounts are frozen, yet they have committed no crime. Their only wish is to get them and their family out alive (and later rebuild their lives). We enable that, and cryptocurrency does the rest.
We were also in contact with bitcoin miners who believed a political crackdown which threatened their personal safety was imminent. We have a plan ready to go if that situation materializes.

What are the economics of the ICO ?

With the fluctuations of bitcoin and Ethereum, we searched for a fair way to structure the ICO.
We settled on a simple 1 USD equals 1 VHL token. The value will be set by coinbase on a daily basis.

We hard a hard cap of $50m USD. 20% of tokens will go to the team, which will expand a lot (we expect to have hundreds of employees globally).
80% of tokens will be sold in the Pre-ICO and ICO.

The Pre-ICO starts on Jan 16th 2018 and there will be a 20% discount on the tokens.
The ICO will start on Feb 13th 2018 and will end two months later, or earlier if we hit the hard cap.

Would you like to add further information?

Quite a number of people have pre-registered. We are really excited to see such global interest. The market opportunity is huge and our team is well capable of taking on this trillion-dollar opportunity.

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We thank Dr. Ken Baylor for the interview.