Mobius ICO Review

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Mobius objective is to connect applications easily to blockchains (and vice-versa) through APIs. Mobi is like a VM (Virtual machine) for blockchains. Mobi refers to itself as the Stripe of blockchains.


Hard cap: US$39 million
Whitelist: Yes
Platform: Stellar
Stage of Software: Beta
Token Symbol: MOBI

Mobius application store DApp (similar to Google store but with cheaper fees)
Oracles will provide real-world data to decentralized apps and vice versa. Oracles need to stake coins to offer this service (similar system to masternodes). There will be both hardware oracles and software oracles. Hardware oracles will enable IoT and Rfid data transfers to the blockchain

Data Markets: Commoditization of Data (similar to Streamr and Datum)

Token Utility: Buy Dapps, buy and sell Data, Oracle vesting
Team and Advisor Highlights: A small team of three founders.

Star Advisors:

  • Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple and Stellar
  • Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin


  • PreSale closed, Ico date pending
  • Unsold tokens will not be burnt



  • Broad roadmap maybe a bit too broad. Other projects are focusing on specific utility such as Data monetization or Oracles, while Mobius is doing everything in one go. Potentially this increases the final value but increases the risks of any one part of that roadmap being delivered in its entirety.
  • Stellar wallets are not the “ICO standard”, which might be an obstacle to the flip it investor.
  • The presale bonus is interesting (but only covers 5% of tokens sold) which could result in after Mobius tokens go in the open market.
  • The founders have delivered in their pre-ico this shows both commitment and the skills to deliver.
  • The White Paper does not have a header nor a footer and not even page numbers, entrepreneurs planning to raise multi-million dollar ICOs should pay attention to these details.
  • Several YouTubers have been pumping this ICO


Mobius have an MVP, a vision and star advisors. These three give them an edge over many other ICOs which are weak from the start. Mobius vision is grand and will need grand efforts to be implemented, resourced and managed. The founders and advisors have set themselves a tough challenge if they see it through on both the technical and the marketing level the market will value their efforts accordingly. However, between the ICO and the first user deliverable products, the token price could fluctuate considerably.