Vyral Master Nodes.


Vyral is a system of marketing for influencers. The Vyral blockchain will record influencer actions on the Ethereum blockchain. The influencer marketing will be based on social media activity.

(Information is very limited on this project, this is what I have collated so far)

What is a Vyral masternode?

  • A Vyral Master Node is simply an Ethereum address acquired during phase one of the ICO.
  • A Vyral masternode can be acquired during phase one of the ICO, and those who register will have additional benefits.
  • A Vyral Master Node does not perform any services like other masternode systems such as Dash, Crown, Pivx etc.
  • There will be two coins that power the Vyral ecosystem. The Vyral coin and the Share coin. Masternodes will generate share coins. There are currently no clear indications on the use of these share coins.
  • It seems that the ones owning a Vyral masternode will be able to recruit other influencers, and those influencers, in turn, will recruit others.  This will create a pyramid structure as explained in their white paper.

  • The top masternode will be the owner of a Vyral Chain, and other influencers will join the chain when they take a qualifying action.
  • Each level of the chain could have different properties. Let me speculate. The top masternode owner will get  1% of the actions downline, the second world get 0.9% etc…

How do I get for a Vyral Master Node?

  • There is an ongoing whitelist for Vyral Master Node registration, those who add my referral ID “0xE4F411372C132e888fC6E67bF844211Bed57887a” will get more coins
  • To register for the whitelist contributors need to join the telegram group: https://vyral.network/telegram
  • Keep in mind that the ethereum address submitted may become public, so use a fresh one.
  • The Whitelist can be found here : https://vyral.network/bounty/ reminder: please use my referral ID “0xE4F411372C132e888fC6E67bF844211Bed57887a”
    Register here:
  • Once you register you will be invited to a webinar.


The are many gaps in how Vyral Masternode will work. For example

  • What will be the rewards of Vyral Masternode owners?
  • Can Vyral Masternode be bought/created after the ICO?
  • Is each node in a Vryal Chain a Vyral Masternode?
  • Will the chains created in the bounty program be automatically transported in the ICO program?
  • Will nodes earn comissions from both upstream and downstream nodes?
  • What utility will the share tokens have? How will the qualifying actions be confirmed and then registered in the blockchain?
  • In what stage are the Vyral smart contracts and other software?
  • Can users switch VyralChains of their own accord, without any cost?
  • Will influencers be paid in SHARE tokens or in Vyral tokens?
  • What are the advantages of the Vyral network influencer ecosystem over other programs?
  • What does this mean: ” In the case of a token sale that is over in under one hour, each of the Vyral Master Nodes would then become single nodes without children.”

I am interested in this project, in order to understand what are the pros and cons of the investment. Looking forward to the Webinar so we can fill in the gaps. Will update this page as more info is made available.

More information: https://vyral.network/whitepaper/VyralWhitepaper.pdf