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List of Robo Advisors based in the U.S.A

Investing Robo-Advisors automate stock investing. Their advantages are Low Fees and Low minimum balances. Explore these platforms to discover more of the services they offer.

Name Fees ETFS vs. Stocks Country of Residence Minimum Investment Special Offers
Betterment 0.35% under $10,000

0.25% under $100,000

0.15% over $100,000

ETF’s United States None $100 recurring deposit required under $10,000 or you pay $3 per month
Wealthfront 0.25% flat fee ETF’s United States None $10,000 managed for free
WiseBanyan Free ETF’s United States None N/A
Future Advisor 0.5% management fee ETF’s United States $10,000 N/A
Blooom $5 monthly < $20,000

$19/month < $500,000

$99/month > $500,000

ETF’s United States None None
Motif Flat fee starting at $4.95 Both United States $300 None
Personal Capital 0.89% ETF’s United States $25,000 None

Betterment ( – Betterment allows you to achieve much higher returns than the average investor by using automatic rebalancing and their special tax loss harvesting + technology. They ensure your portfolio fits your goals and risk tolerance, and then make all the small decisions you wouldn’t want to worry about.

WealthFront ( – WealthFront is run by an experienced investment team that includes Burton Malkiel (the writer of a Random Walk Down Wall Street) and 7 other PHD’s. Their expertise makes them leading practictioners in passive investing and all portfolios are based around modern portfolio theory.

WiseBanyan ( WiseBanyan is the world’s only completely free financial advisor. There are zero management, trading or advisory fees and they make all their money through additional purchases that customers make based on their specific needs and wants.

FutureAdvisor ( – FutureAdvisor makes investment decisions in your name so that you get the best returns possible. Based on the parameters you enter, they will act as custodians for you. Trading fees will still apply and be charged, which puts this fund at a significant cost disadvantage to the other options.

Blooom ( – Blooom is an advisor that operates on a flat fee basis, so you know exactly what you are paying each month. Blooom is more of an advisory than a “set it and forget it” service, which means a lot of the responsibility stays in your hands, but you can trust that you are making better decisions.

Motif ( – Motif offers specialized investment vehicles, or “motifs” that you can invest in through their service. By creating these vehicles at a small scale, they make it easier for small investors to diversify and purchase many different securities at once. This way, you are never too exposed to any single risky asset.

Personal Capital ( – Personal Capital allows you to manage your integrated investment portfolio, and is more targeted towards the mid-range investor. The true value in Personal Capital is in tools such Asset Allocation Target or Fund Checkup.


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