The Startup Taking Loyalty Programs Into The 21st Century: ReCasher

ReCasher Investment Loylaty Program
ReCasher Investment Loylaty Program

ReCasher Investment Loyalty Program

ReCASHer is a recent launch in the fintech space. It plans to revolutionise the loyalty program space by making it more attractive and profitable for merchants and for consumers to use.

In today’s world, people are trying to make their money go further and last longer, it is time to bring coupons into the 21st century and ReCasher is here to do just that.  ReCasher has an ongoing Seedrs campaign, at the time of writing it is already 55% subscribed. The opportunity to Invest in a startup with a focus on loyalty programs does not come often.

We thank Lajos Ludman, CEO of ReCasher for his time and detail to our questions.

How does the skill sets and experiences of the management team impact the success of ReCASHeR?

The founders of ReCASHeR have gained valuable experience in payment and loyalty systems and have been very careful to build a truly multi-disciplinary multinational management team. We believe that this team, including experienced IT and direct selling specialists is key to the success of ReCASHeR.

Can your provide more information on the current shareholders of the firm?

The firm currently is 100% owned by the founders and the management team.

What are the key difference between ReCASHeR and other loyalty programs?

Unlike most loyalty programs, ReCASHeR provides real-time, real-money cashback in an easy to use and easy to operate system. ReCASHeR also is a payment tool for the consumers and is a highly efficient marketing tool for the merchants.

What is the key competitive advantage of ReCASHeR?

We believe that ReCASHeR offers a unique combination of benefits for all participants.

The free ReCASHeR application facilitates consumers to save money on their day-to-day purchases both in off-line and on-line shops. The cashback savings then can be instantly used for payment.

ReCASHeR Merchants can offer purchase pattern based targeted promotions and can run various campaigns and can offer coupons. Merchants will also achieve payment cost savings vs card payments.

Consumers, merchants and sales partners can also make money by promoting the system. They all can earn commissions on transactions facilitated by the system.

What are the key challenges to the success of ReCASHeR and how are you addressing them?

Clearly, overcoming the chicken and egg problem is far the biggest challenge we face.

In the on-line world we are offering a virtual MasterCard to facilitate universal use from the very beginning. By signing up web-shops, we can then offer a wide product and services portfolio quickly. Our payment tool, already widely used in Austria and quickly gaining traction in Germany will help the penetration of the brick-and-mortar world.

Why will merchants want to join your platform?

ReCASHeR is a very easy to operate and transparent loyalty solution for the merchants.

The above mentioned uniquely attractive features will increase efficiency of their marketing activities and will increase sales.

We do not know any other system where the merchants can make money on their recruited consumers’ spending elsewhere.

Payment cost savings vs card payments for example is also a profit contributor feature for the merchants.

By the time the system achieves widespread usage, merchants could also enjoy the benefits of a fast growing ReCASHeR user base and increased revenues from their spending.

How will Reacher make a profit / generate cash flow?

Merchants will pay a modest license fee upon joining ReCASHeR and a small annual renewal fee, and a service fee on the transactions. Sales partners will also pay a small license fee upon joining and an annual fee.

At the beginning ReCASHeR revenues will be driven by the sales partner and merchant license fees. As the transaction system gains traction, the transaction related service fees will well surpass the license revenues.

Do you already have merchants interested in your system? Are they from specific industries or countries? 

We have good interest from Austria and Germany, where we will start operations.

ReCASHeR is a universal solution, so we will expect customers from a very wide range of consumer industries.

Why did you choose Seedrs as your platform and not a traditional VC and IPO funding cycle?

Our distribution model is viral direct selling. Apart from sales cooperation, we also wanted to offer a transparent investment opportunity to our future sales partners.

Seedrs is an experienced crowdfunding partner that just perfectly match our goals and requirements. We may do an IPO at a later stage.

At this time what are the greatest expenses within the firm?

Software licenses and systems integration costs are far the largest expenses of the company today.

Would you like to add any other info to potential investors?

Watch this space, ReCASHeR will grow fast and will be exceptionally profitable already from year 2.

Will the current economic conditions in Britain, do you think consumers will look for more ways to save on their purchases? 

This is the global trend. Reward beats brand everywhere.

Can you give any insights into what it is like to work for a start-up?

Uncertainty is the only fix point in life, but it is also very interesting. By building something new is a fantastic experience.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Fintech Conquers Loyalty.

Discover more about this investment idea in a loyalty program startup on Recashers Seedrs Campaign and Recashers website.