Xanadu And Toronto Metropolitan University Collaborate On Quantum Computing Program

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of quantum computing with the new educational program developed by Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). This partnership aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn and work with Xanadu’s software framework, PennyLane, and gain hands-on experience with quantum computing and quantum software. By collaborating with TMU, Xanadu is helping Canada to cultivate and retain talent in the field of quantum computing, while also bridging the gap between academia and industry. With access to Xanadu’s expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology, TMU students will be able to develop and test real-world applications of quantum computing, ultimately keeping Canada at the forefront of this emerging technology.

Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University Partnership: Quantum Computing Educational Program

Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University Partnership

Quantum Computing Educational Program


In a joint effort to advance the field of quantum computing and quantum software, Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) have collaborated to develop an educational program focused on this emerging technology. This partnership aims to contribute to Canada’s broader quantum strategy of cultivating talent, fostering innovation, and bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University Partnership: Quantum Computing Educational Program


Xanadu, a Canadian quantum computing tech company, has been recognized as a pioneer in the field. With their expertise and cutting-edge technology, Xanadu is committed to using photon-based computing to achieve fast and complex computations at room temperature. Toronto Metropolitan University is a leading educational institution known for its research and innovation initiatives. By joining forces, Xanadu and TMU aim to provide students and researchers with valuable opportunities to explore real-world applications of quantum computing.

Collaboration Goals

The collaboration between Xanadu and TMU aligns with Canada’s national quantum strategy. The key objectives of this partnership include developing and retaining talent, attracting investment, and fostering collaboration between academia and industry. By combining Xanadu’s expertise and resources with TMU’s academic environment, this collaborative effort aims to promote quantum research and innovation, ultimately positioning Canada as a leader in quantum technology.

Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University Partnership: Quantum Computing Educational Program

National Quantum Strategy

To support the development and advancement of quantum computing, the Government of Canada has allocated $360 million CAD in funding from its 2021 budget towards the National Quantum Strategy. This strategic investment aims to accelerate the growth and application of quantum technologies in Canada. The deployment plans for this funding were revealed earlier this year, highlighting the government’s commitment to establishing Canada as a global hub for quantum research and development.

Program Details

As part of the partnership between Xanadu and TMU, students and researchers from various faculties at the university will have access to Xanadu’s quantum hardware and software. This access will enable them to explore and co-create innovative applications of quantum computing. Additionally, participants will utilize Xanadu’s open-source software framework, PennyLane, which provides a powerful platform for quantum algorithm development and optimization.

Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University Partnership: Quantum Computing Educational Program

Xanadu’s Mission

Xanadu’s mission is centered around utilizing photon-based computing to achieve groundbreaking advancements in quantum computing. By harnessing the power of light particles, Xanadu aims to perform complex computations with remarkable speed, all at room temperature. One of their primary goals is to build a fault-tolerant quantum computer that can scale up to one million qubits, unlocking the potential for practical and impactful quantum applications.

Advances in Quantum Research

While significant progress has been made in the field of quantum computing, the development of quantum computers has been relatively slow. Only a handful of companies, including Google, IBM, Xanadu, and Canadian company D-Wave, have successfully created quantum computing prototypes. These companies are at the forefront of quantum research and continue to push boundaries in the field.

Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University Partnership: Quantum Computing Educational Program

Key Players in Quantum Computing

Xanadu has emerged as a prominent player in the quantum computing industry. Their achievements, such as reaching the elusive milestone of “quantum advantage” with their Borealis quantum computer, have solidified their position as a leader in the field. Other key players, including Google, IBM, and D-Wave, have also made significant contributions to the advancement of quantum computing technology. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing among these companies are crucial for further progress in the field.

Milestone Achievement

In June 2022, Xanadu marked a significant milestone with their Borealis quantum computer. This achievement, known as “quantum advantage,” represents a groundbreaking result that surpasses the capabilities of conventional computer systems. By achieving quantum advantage, Xanadu showcased the immense potential of quantum computing and its ability to solve previously unsolvable problems. This milestone highlights the impact that Xanadu’s technology and collaboration with TMU can have on the quantum computing landscape.


The partnership between Xanadu and Toronto Metropolitan University holds great promise for the future of quantum computing. By providing students and researchers with access to cutting-edge technology and the opportunity to work with Xanadu’s experts, this educational program aims to foster innovation and contribute to Canada’s quantum strategy. The impact of this collaboration goes beyond academia, as it has the potential to revolutionize various industries and drive advancements in fields such as finance, healthcare, and cryptography.

Future of Quantum Computing

As quantum computing continues to evolve, its potential applications are vast and diverse. From optimizing complex algorithms to solving intricate computational problems, quantum computing has the power to transform various industries. By investing in quantum education and research, initiatives like the Xanadu and TMU partnership contribute to unlocking the full potential of this disruptive technology. The future of quantum computing holds endless possibilities, and collaborations like this are crucial for driving innovation and shaping the quantum landscape.

About Xanadu

Xanadu is a Canadian quantum computing tech company founded in 2016 by CEO Christian Weedbrook. With their pioneering work in photon-based computing, Xanadu aims to revolutionize the field of quantum computing. Their commitment to building a fault-tolerant and error-corrected quantum computer capable of scaling to one million qubits positions them as a key player in the industry.

Company Background

Founded by Christian Weedbrook, Xanadu has quickly established itself as a leading quantum computing company in Canada. Their dedication to using photons for quantum computation sets them apart in the field. Xanadu’s vision is to push the boundaries of what is possible in quantum computing and pave the way for practical and impactful applications in various industries.

Leadership Team

Xanadu’s leadership team comprises experts in the field of quantum computing, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Led by CEO Christian Weedbrook, their collective knowledge and expertise drive the company’s mission and vision. With their guidance, Xanadu continues to make significant strides in advancing the field of quantum computing.

About Toronto Metropolitan University

Toronto Metropolitan University is a renowned educational institution known for its commitment to research and innovation. With a strong emphasis on bridging the gap between academia and industry, TMU plays a vital role in driving innovation and fostering collaboration. This partnership with Xanadu further strengthens TMU’s position as a leading institution for quantum research and excellence.

University Overview

TMU is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and enriching educational experience. With a wide range of faculties and research centers, TMU offers various programs and initiatives that promote innovation and academic excellence. The university’s strong emphasis on research and collaboration makes it an ideal partner for Xanadu in developing the quantum computing educational program.