Discover how Glass Health is revolutionizing the medical software industry with an AI-powered tool for suggesting medical diagnoses. Learn how their cutting-edge technology prioritizes patient and doctor needs while addressing concerns about accuracy and bias. With over 59,000 users already onboard, Glass Health is poised to make a significant impact in the medical field.
Discover Zoom's new AI Companion for an enhanced user experience! Powered by Zoom's generative AI and models from Meta, OpenAI, and Anthropic, the companion offers a conversational interface, real-time feedback, and scheduling capabilities. Read more to explore the latest features.
Discover Mila's partnership with KPI Mining Solutions, leveraging AI to efficiently capture critical minerals in the mining sector. Promising implications for mining efficiency and environmental impact reduction.
Revolutionize software testing management with Qase. They've raised $7.2M in funding, offering a holistic approach to testing. Learn more here.
Meta releases Code Llama, an AI model that generates code in English. Discover its capabilities, training process, performance, adoption, risks, and more.
Discover how Revel, the Spanish car subscription startup, secured $123M in funding to expand its innovative lease agreement model and revolutionize car ownership.
Harness more power than standard solar panels with PV-leaf. This groundbreaking invention generates electricity and produces freshwater using nature-inspired design. With over 10% increased efficiency, it holds promise in accelerating the global energy transition and addressing energy and freshwater demands.
Need help simplifying AI-enabled business apps? Check out this informative post on Retool Vectors and how they're streamlining AI integration for everyday operations.
Discover how startups can bridge the EV charging gap and drive the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Explore opportunities, AI solutions, flexible charging designs, global market entry, government funding, and more.
VanMoof, the e-bike startup, is acquired by Lavoie for 'tens of millions' of euros. Lavoie plans to invest in the brand, relaunch the business, and tap into VanMoof's loyal customer base and innovative design. A surprising and strategic move for both companies.
Experience Nvidia's astonishing growth driven by the demand for AI technology. With impressive earnings and a strong position in the data center market, Nvidia is poised for sustained growth. But can it maintain momentum? Learn more here.
Hero MotoCorp increases stake in Ather Energy with a $66.5 million investment, signaling their commitment to the booming electric vehicle market in India. Find out more about this exciting partnership.
Learn the five key takeaways from Instacart's S-1 filing, including its fundraising history, IPO anticipation, order volume, revenue growth, and scale as a private company. Find out why Instacart is a standout player in the grocery delivery market.
Discover why Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google DeepMind, believes the US should establish global AI standards. Explore the implications and the role of the US in shaping AI regulations. Read more on FT.
Discover why Imbue, the latest AI startup, isn't competing with OpenAI. Learn about their unique approach, reasoning AI agents, and commitment to transparency and trust. Revolutionize the AI landscape with Imbue's customizable software.
Find out how RapiPay, a fintech startup, achieved impressive revenue growth of Rs 440 Cr in FY23, but also faced a surge in losses. Explore their financial performance, banking solutions, and introduction of the super app NYE. Get insights into their expenses, cost analysis, and challenges. Read more at Fintrackr.
Minimize data risk for generative AI and LLMs in the enterprise. Work within your security perimeter, build domain-specific models, and leverage unstructured data. Striking the balance between risk and reward.
PhonePe, backed by Walmart, enters the stock broking segment with its new app, Share.Market. Offering trading accounts and investment options, PhonePe aims to revolutionize the industry and compete with Zerodha, Paytm, Groww, and Upstox. Exciting times ahead for PhonePe's venture!
BYJU’S offers a repayment plan to lenders, aiming to clear its $1.2 billion debt in under six months. The proposal comes after a year of conflict and failed negotiations, as the company seeks resolution and lender acceptance.
Discover how hackers stole Microsoft's email signing key, giving them unrestricted access to U.S. government inboxes. Learn from this cybersecurity breach.
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